10 Things You Didn’t Know About Living in Mexico

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Since moving to Mexico, I’ve definitely had to adjust to the differences of living in a foreign country.  In this post, I’m sharing a few interesting tidbits I’ve learned since moving here.  It should be noted that the following items are representative of my experience of living in Mexico so far and may not necessarily hold true for all parts of Mexico. 

The tap water is not safe to drink in Mexico.  Most commonly people will purchase large bottles of water (called a garrafon) that can be bought at a local convenience store.  These can be placed upside down on a dispenser stand in most homes.  Water delivery trucks regularly pass through neighborhoods with a loudspeaker to deliver the bottles. 

Garrafon de Agua

You can't flush toilet paper.

The plumbing systems here are not equipped to flush toilet paper so you have to throw it away in a wastecan next to the toilet.  You will see signs in most public restrooms warning you not to flush toilet paper or sanitary items.  This is definitely a big adjustment coming from the US. 


Milk is not refrigerated.

Milk comes in a boxed carton and is not refrigerated until after you open it.  Apparently the pasteurization process is different which makes it safe not to be refrigerated.  I definitely don’t like the taste of the milk to drink on its own, but it tastes okay in cereal or coffee. 

Milk Cartons Mexico

Cash is the preferred method of payment.

Cash is typically the most preferred method of payment.  More and more places are starting to accept credit cards but you’ll definitely need cash for taxis, buses, and smaller restaurants.  Most places in Playa del Carmen will accept USD as payment and offer a set exchange rate.

Mexican Pesos

Nobody sends text messages.

Whatsapp is the most preferred method of communication in Mexico.  It’s a free messaging app that runs on wifi and you can make voice and video calls as well.  Many phone plans include free messaging on Whatsapp, which makes it very popular for international messaging. In addition, many businesses will advertise their Whatsapp number for quicker response times.  


Laundry is done at the lavanderia.

Most homes do not have washers and dryers so the majority of people take their clothes to the lavanderia (laundromat).  What’s different is that you drop off your clothes and they will do everything for you – wash, dry, and fold.  You can even pay extra to have your delicate items hung dry. The price is measured by the weight of your clothes and it is extremely cheap. 

Lavanderia Mexico

Stray dogs and cats are everywhere.

There is definitely an abundance of stray dogs and cats on the street.  When walking around my neighborhood,  I normally see stray dogs looking for food as well as cats hiding under parked cars.  There are periodic campaigns that travel around Playa to spay and neuter street dogs and cats but it is still a problem.  Most of them are not aggressive and will just leave you alone. 

Pedestrians do not have the right of way.

You definitely have to be careful when walking around downtown Playa del Carmen.  Even though there are crosswalks, pedestrians still do not have the right of way.  Drivers here can be pretty aggressive so you have to be very cautious when crossing the street. 

Ketchup comes with delivery pizza.

I was very surprised to find several packets of ketchup (catsup) that came along with my delivery pizza.  It turns out that ketchup is a common dipping sauce for pizza.  Can’t say that I’m a fan – how about some ranch por favor??


Mail service is close to impossible.

Mail service is extremely difficult in Mexico and can take a very long time.  I don’t even have a mailbox at my apartment building so I wouldn’t trust sending anything to my home.  Amazon delivery and online shopping is becoming more popular but the delivery is still unreliable.  It’s pretty common to have an item delivered to a local post office or delivery point where you have to go pick up your item. 

Mailbox Mexico

These are just a few interesting tidbits that I’ve learned since moving to Mexico.  Anything surprising?  Feel free to comment below!

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