Apartment Renting in Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen Rooftop Pool

Not long after landing in Playa del Carmen, I started the hunt for a long-term apartment.  Lucky for me, I was able to stay with my friend while I searched for a place of my own.  I knew I wanted to find an apartment downtown (Centro) that would be close enough to 5th Avenue and the beach, but also close enough to the highway for an easy commute to work.  With so many rental options available, it was a bit overwhelming at first but I discovered the following resources which made my search a little easier:

During my first couple of weekends in Playa, my friend and I walked all over downtown Playa del Carmen looking for apartment buildings with signs that said “Se Renta”.  Once we found one, we would call the number listed to find out more information.  More often than not, the apartments were not actually available but the landlords usually had other properties nearby to recommend.  This is a great way to discover the area and find streets that you would like to live on, as well as gauge the proximity to nearby restaurants, shops, and grocery stores.  If you don’t speak Spanish, I would recommend taking a picture of the phone number and asking a Spanish speaking friend to assist.


There are a ton of Facebook groups for apartment rentals or roommates.  You can easily create a posting and landlords will send you a Facebook message with any options they have available.  Here are some of the Facebook groups I joined:


In addition, I scoured the following rental websites:


In the end, I was able to find a 1 bedroom apartment through the Rentas Playa website.  My apartment is in a brand new building only 5 blocks from the beach and has an amazing rooftop pool.  It came furnished with a couch, kitchen table, a queen-sized bed, and TV.  It also came with some basic plates and dishes, but I still had to purchase some additional kitchen utensils, bedding, pillows, towels, etc.  The monthly rent is about $600 USD, with most utilities included but with electricity as an added expense.  I had to pay a 1 month deposit, and although mine did not, most apartments charge a contract fee for a notary signature as well.  I was able to start with a 6 month lease, which I will have the option to renew.

Although it was stressful at times, I’m grateful to have been able to live with a friend until I found the perfect place.  Overall, I have been very happy with my apartment and have had a great renting experience so far. With the perfect location just a few blocks from the beach, I am one happy girl!


  • Once you arrive, I would recommend staying at an inexpensive hotel or AirBnb while you search for an apartment.  Advertisements for apartments online can be deceiving and it’s best not to sign for anything until you’ve actually seen the building and are familiar with the area.
  • If you’ve found an apartment you are interested in, be sure to stop by at night time to gauge the safety of the building and neighborhood.  Streets can look very different at night.
  • Whatsapp is your friend.  Almost all phone numbers listed for apartment rentals are using Whatsapp. This can be an easy way to communicate with the listing agent to find out about availability, pictures, and pricing.  This is also easier if you don’t speak much Spanish.
  • You will find a ton of cute apartments that are listed as ¨Renta Vacacional”, which are short-term vacation rentals or Airbnbs.  Most of these are not available for long-term rent as they’re able to make more money from nightly stays.  Make sure to specify you are looking for “Largo Plazo” or long-term rent.
  • Make sure to find out about air conditioning.  There were a few apartments that I was interested in, but I quickly found out that they did not have air conditioning.  For me, that was a must!
  • Be sure to ask about laundry.  The majority of apartments do not have laundry machines but there is likely a “lavanderia” within a few blocks, where it is very inexpensive to have your laundry done for you.

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