7 Important Riviera Maya Safety Tips

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As a travel blogger that lives in Playa del Carmen, here are my top Riviera Maya safety tips!

Planning a Trip to Riviera Maya Mexico?


Keep Valuables in the hotel safe

Be sure to keep any valuables, including your passport, credit cards, jewelry, and electronics locked in your hotel safe.


Keep Valuables Close at All Times

When out and about in crowded touristy areas, wear a crossbody purse or belt bag with zipper closures.


Don't Carry Large Amounts of Cash

Only carry the amount of money you’ll need for the day’s activities as flashing large amounts of cash around can make you a target.


Avoid Illegal Activity

Avoid the drug scene in Mexico and you will avoid trouble. If you are offered drugs while walking in the main tourist areas, simply ignore it and keep walking.


Don’t stay out late alone

Use the buddy system if you can and avoid staying out late alone, even if it’s just at the hotel bar.


Watch your alcohol consumption

Be careful with your alcohol consumption and make sure you are with people you trust and drinking in a safe environment.


Don’t be a target

Avoid wearing expensive clothing, flashy jewelry, and accessories which can make you stand out as a target for theft, exploitation, and getting overcharged.

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