How to Visit Cenote Cristalino Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen has many incredible freshwater cenotes that are worth visiting and are located just a short drive away from downtown. These hidden swimming holes are a fun excursion and a great way to really explore the natural beauty of the Yucatan region. 

One of my favorite cenotes near Playa del Carmen is Cenote Cristalino, which is a beautiful cenote to spend the day snorkeling, swimming, or just hanging out in a natural setting. Read on for my ultimate guide to visiting Cenote Cristalino Playa del Carmen, including how to get there, what to expect, and what to bring.

Cenote Cristalino

Where is Cenote Cristalino Playa del Carmen?

Cenote Cristalino Mexico is located just 30 minutes south of Playa del Carmen, right off the main highway 307.  It’s about half way between Playa del Carmen and Tulum.  

The location is on the right side of the highway just past Puerto Aventuras and across the street from the Barcelo resorts.  One perk of staying at one of the all-inclusive Barcelo Resorts is the close proximity to some amazing cenotes. 

At this same location, there are actually two other popular cenotes right next to Cenote Cristalino – Cenote Eden and Cenote Azul. You can visit all three cenotes in one day or choose to spend your time at just one.  Note all three have separate entrance fees. 

How to Get to Cristalino Cenote

By Car

If you have a rental car, it’s very easy to get to Cenote Cristalino Riviera Maya by driving south from Playa del Carmen on the main highway 307.  The cenote is located on the right side of the highway just past Puerto Aventuras and there are highway signs to direct you.  Free parking is available once you arrive at the cenote. 

By Public Transportation

If you don’t have a car, the easiest way to get to Cenote Cristalino from Playa del Carmen is to take a colectivo from the main bus depot in Playa del Carmen at Avenida Juarez and Highway 307 (underneath the highway overpass).

Make sure you get on one that is headed towards Tulum. Cenote Cristalino is located just past Puerto Aventuras and you will have to tell the driver where you would like to get off.  It takes about 30 minutes and the cost is around $40 pesos (~$2 USD).

When to Visit Cenote Cristalino

Cenote Cristalino opening hours are daily from 8:00am – 5:00pm, but the best time to visit El Cristalino Cenote Playa del Carmen is definitely during the week.  I went on a Sunday and it was very crowded with local family gatherings.  It’s definitely much busier on the weekends when most locals have the day off. 

Cenote Cristalino

Entrance Fee for Cenote Cristalino

The Cenote Cristalino entrance fee is $150 pesos (~$8 USD), which includes a life jacket rental.  In addition to the Cenote Cristalino price for entrance, you can rent lockers for $50 pesos (~$2.50 USD), as well as snorkeling gear and plastic lounge chairs.

Cenote Cristalino

What is there to do at Cenote Cristalino?

Go cliff jumping

Cenote Cristalino is a lush natural setting and offers many different bodies of water to explore, snorkel, or simply relax in the water.  In the main cenote, there is a cliff ledge where you can jump into the water. 

The ledge is about 12 feet and doesn’t even look that high, but to be honest I had to work up the courage to take the plunge!  I’ll admit I have a slight fear of heights.  You can check out the video of my jump at the end of this post!

Cenote Cristalino
Cenote Cristalino

Snorkel through a cave

One of the coolest things about Cenote Cristalino is a tunnel-like cave that you can swim through. The ceiling of the cave is covered in stalactites and the water is the prettiest shade of turquoise blue. 

It’s a great spot to snorkel or float your way through to admire the unique rock formations.  There are many rocks under the water here so I would recommend wearing water shoes to protect your feet.

Cenote Cristalino Playa del Carmen
Cenote Cristalino Cave Entrance
Cenote Cristalino Cave Interior

Experience a fish spa

At Cenote Cristalino, there are several smaller ponds and bodies of water where you can sit on the ledge and dip your feet in the water.  If you hold your feet still, the tiny cenote fish will come and give you some free exfoliation. 

It’s kind of an odd tickly sensation but you will get used to it!  Don’t pay for a fish spa on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen when you can get one for free at a cenote!

Cenote Cristalino Playa del Carmen
Cenote Cristalino
Cenote Cristalino Fish Spa

Discover a hidden cenote

Towards the back of Cenote El Cristalino, there are signs that will lead you to Cenote Escondido, which is a hidden cenote that is more secluded.  This area is much less crowded and one of the most beautiful parts of Cenote Cristalino.  Escondido Cenote really feels like a hidden natural sanctuary. 

Cenote Escondido
Cenote Escondido
Cenote Escondido

Amenities at Cenote Cristalino

Cenote Cristalino has more amenities than most of the other cenotes I’ve been to.  Lockers can be rented for $50 pesos (~$2.50 USD) in order to keep your valuables safe.

There is also a small tent that offers a good selection of snacks and beverages. Make sure to bring some extra cash if you’re hungry. 

What to bring to Cenote Cristalino

  • One of the most important things to bring to Cenote Cristalino is biodegradable sunscreen as regular sunscreen is not permitted.
  • You’ll also want to bring a towel to dry off after swimming in the cenote. These microfiber towels are great as they dry quickly and are compact enough to be easily thrown into your bag or backpack.
  • I would definitely recommend wearing water shoes as the ground around the cenote is very rocky and super painful if you are barefoot.
  • If you want to snorkel, I would also recommend bringing your own snorkeling set.  You can rent one there but I always question the cleanliness of reused snorkeling equipment. 
  • It’s also nice to have a GoPro or waterproof camera so you can take some fun pictures in the water or jumping from the ledge. 

Watch video below

Of the three cenotes Cristalino is probably the least well-known, which definitely makes it worth a visit if you’re looking for a cenote near Tulum or Playa del Carmen.  I actually prefer Cenote Cristalino to the others because it offers so many different and unique places to explore outside of the main cenote.  

When you’re done exploring Cenote Cristalino, head over to Eden Cenote and Cenote Azul, which are just a short walk away.  Or check out my complete Playa del Carmen cenotes guide for even more amazing cenotes to visit in the Riviera Maya region.

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