Best Water Parks in Playa del Carmen Mexico

9 Best Water Parks in Playa del Carmen Mexico in 2023

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Looking for the best water parks in Playa del Carmen Mexico? You’ve come to the right guide!

As a travel blogger that lives in Playa del Carmen, I’ve been able to personally experience many of the best water parks in the region.

And what makes Playa del Carmen water parks so unique is that they are often carved into natural landscapes including lagoons, jungle canopy, cenotes, and caves–creating a totally unique water park experience you won’t find anywhere else.


Xel Ha Water Park Playa del Carmen

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The best water park in Playa del Carmen is Xel-Ha Park, an all-inclusive natural water park offering snorkeling, water slides, and unlimited water activities.

In this post, I’m sharing my top recommendations for the best water parks in Playa del Carmen, including adventure parks, more traditional water parks, and even some of the resort parks that are open to the public.

So if you’re visiting Playa del Carmen on a family vacation and you’re looking for a fun family-friendly adventure, I’ve got you covered!

Ready to find out which of these best Playa del Carmen water parks is right for you? Let’s dive in!

Top 3 Picks: Best Water Parks in Playa del Carmen Mexico

Xel Ha Water Park Playa del Carmen

Xel-Ha Park

✅ 20+ Water Activities
✅ 98′ Spiral Water Slides

Jungala Water Park


✅ Wave Pool + Lazy River
✅ Near Vertical Slides

Nickelodeon Water Park Playa del Carmen

Aqua Nick

✅ 6-Acre Water Park
✅ Nickelodeon Themed

Best Water Parks in Playa del Carmen Mexico

These are the best water parks Playa del Carmen has to offer:

1. Xel-Ha

Xel Ha Water Park Playa del Carmen
Adventure World at Xel Ha Water Park Playa del Carmen
Snorkeling at Xel Ha Water Park Playa del Carmen
  • 📍 LOCATION: Google Maps
  • 🕒 HOURS: Daily from 8:30AM–6PM
  • 🤿 ACTIVITIES: Water Slides, Snorkeling, Lazy River, Water Ziplines
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 SUITED FOR: All ages (children under 4 are free)
  • 🎟 HOW TO BOOK: Book tickets online here →

In my opinion, Xel-Ha is the best water park in Playa del Carmen Mexico, offering over 20 fun water activities and incredible value too.

Located about 40 minutes south of Playa del Carmen, Xel-Ha (pronounced “Shell-Ha”) is one of the best Xcaret adventure parks and is situated on a Caribbean inlet, which gives it a prime location for water activities.

But what makes Xel-Ha Park so unique is that it is totally embedded into the natural environment with its lush jungle landscapes and crystal clear lagoons.

It’s basically a large natural playground where you can go snorkeling near coral reefs, swim with wildlife like stingrays and manatees, explore cenotes, go cliff jumping, and float down a mangrove-lined lazy river.

And Xel-Ha’s most iconic feature is the Scenic Lighthouse water slide, where you can climb to the top of a 98 ft tower and descend down one of its four spiral water slides–it’s pretty epic!!

End of the Xel Ha Water Slide

There’s also an area known as Adventure World, with overwater ziplines, ropes challenges, cliff jumping, and obstacle courses for those looking for a more extreme adventure.

And for young kids, there’s a dedicated Children’s Playground, offering a jungle playground on land and a lily pad obstacle course in the water.

The park was big and had lots of great opportunities to explore and experience lots of water related activities. We had a great time! Food and beverage service was very good. I thought the price was very reasonable when compared to expensive theme parks. Making it all inclusive, kept everything easy, convenient and it was all well done.


Plus, Xel-Ha is a Playa del Carmen all-inclusive water park, which means that you can enjoy unlimited activities, as well as unlimited dining (and alcohol 🍹) at the park’s numerous buffet restaurants.

And towels, lockers, and all equipment are included. The only things you would have to pay extra for is the premium water activities, photos, and optional transportation.

It really provides amazing value and makes for an unforgettable day out with the whole family. And it’s not just for kids–adults can very much enjoy Xel-Ha too!

You can read my full Xel-Ha review for all the details!

Xel-Ha Children's World

What’s included in the Xel Ha Admission Ticket:

  • Unlimited water activities
  • Unlimited snorkeling
  • All-you-can-eat buffet (Mexican and international cuisine)
  • Unlimited domestic open bar and soft drinks
  • Access to Children’s Playground
  • Life jackets, inner tubes and bicycles in designated areas
  • Lounge chairs, hammocks and rest areas
  • Use of lockers and a towel
  • Restrooms, changing rooms and showers

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2. Jungala

Jungala Aqua Experience Playa del Carmen
Photo Credit: Expedia
Lazy River at Jungala Water Park
Jungala Water Slide Playa del Carmen
  • 📍 LOCATION: Vidanta Resorts
  • 🕒 HOURS: Tues–Sun from 10AM–6PM (Closed Mondays)
  • 🤿 ACTIVITIES: Water Slides, Wave Pool, Lazy River, Flume Rides
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 SUITED FOR: All ages (children under 3ft are free)
  • 🎟 HOW TO BOOK: Book tickets online here →

Located at Vidanta Resorts about 30 minutes north of Playa del Carmen, Jungala is one of the newest water parks in the region.

Operated by Grupo Vidanta, it’s more of a traditional water park, similar to a Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. However, it’s brand new and aims to provide a luxury experience for both kids and adults.

As one of the top things to do in Riviera Maya, the Jungala Aqua Experience offers a variety of rides and attractions suitable for all ages, from relaxing lazy rivers to high-speed flume rides.

Fantastic park and well laid out. Super clean. Excellent staff. Loved everything about it and so did the family. Lazy river was amazing as you truly thought you were floating through the jungle, loved the length of it and would have been happy there all day.


There’s also an impressive tropical wave pool, which creates 1.5 meter (4.9 ft) tall waves in 8 different forms!

And there’s the Paradise Free Fall, which is a near-vertical tube slide where you can test your nerves! And the Hoop Hoop Aqualoop, with its drops, twists and turns.

For those with little kids, the Kids Rain Fortress provides a huge interactive aquatic play structure for endless fun. Plus, the park is supposed to have the longest lazy river in Latin America.

And for those looking to elevate their experience, Jungala also offers luxury cabanas and VIP packages, which include food and refreshments in a private area.

And there’s even an on-site spa where adults can indulge in a variety of spa treatments.

Jungala Water Park

What’s included in the Jungala Admission Ticket:

  • Unlimited water activities
  • Towels
  • Free wifi
  • Concierge service
  • Showers

3. Aqua Nick

Aqua Nick Water Park
Photo Credit: Expedia

Located at the Nickelodeon Resort Riviera Maya, Aqua Nick is an amazing family-friendly water park near Playa del Carmen full of fun activities that will keep everyone entertained.

As one of the newest family resorts in Riviera Maya, this Nickelodeon theme park is complimentary for hotel guests but is also open to the public even if you’re not staying there.

With bright colors and fun characters, the park is perfect for families with kids. There’s a dedicated area just for kids, with a smaller splash pool, water slides, water spouts, and fountains to keep them entertained for hours.

We loved the water park, it was such a great experience for our 5 yrs old son. I liked that there are lifeguards everywhere so it made me feel very safe. The guys helping us in the Paw Patrol slides were awesome!


Don’t forget to meet characters like SpongeBob SquarePants and PAW Patrol who will be around the park throughout the day!

Plus, at this Playa del Carmen aqua park, there are multiple swim and private beach areas to relax in, as well as thrilling waterslides and a lazy and adventure river.

Snacks and drinks are included or you can upgrade your Nick Aqua Park ticket for access to more food, lockers, and cabanas throughout the day.

You can also enjoy complimentary towels and loungers, and transportation service is available for an additional charge.

What’s included in the Aqua Nick Admission Ticket:

  • Rivers, pools, playgrounds and water slides
  • Snacks (burgers, pizzas & poke bowls) served at the kiosks
  • Soft drinks, water, and beer
  • Towels and lounge beds
  • Entertainment
  • Use of facilities
  • Transportation (additional charge)

4. Xcaret

Underground Rivers at Xcaret Water Park Playa del Carmen
Xcaret Snorkeling
Xcaret Park Underground Rivers
  • 📍 LOCATION: Google Maps
  • 🕒 HOURS: Daily from 8:30AM–10:30PM
  • 🤿 ACTIVITIES: Snorkeling, Underground Rivers, Wildlife Encounters
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 SUITED FOR: All ages
  • 🎟 HOW TO BOOK: Book tickets online here →

The original of Grupo Xcaret’s adventure parks, Xcaret Park is situated just south of Playa del Carmen and offers an interactive experience with nature unlike any other.

This beautiful eco-park offers more than 50 different activities on its massive grounds, where visitors can discover the culture and history of Mexico.

From cultural exhibits and shows including traditional haciendas, a Mexican cemetery, and an equestrian show to wildlife encounters at the Aviary, Butterfly Pavilion, and Coral Reef Aquarium–there’s something to keep everyone entertained here.

The Xcaret Playa del Carmen water park was so worth it! The facilities were amazing. One day wasn’t enough! Soooo much fun for the entire family!


When it comes to water activities, Xcaret water park offers snorkeling, underground rivers, the Aquatic Paradise boat ride, and wildlife encounters with sea turtles, manatees, and tropical fish.

Plus, you can pay extra for premium water experiences like the Sea Trek underwater helmet experience, Snuba, and shark and stingray encounters.

Sea Trek at Xcaret Park Mexico

And with a variety of pools with shallow water and beach areas, it’s the perfect Playa del Carmen natural water park for families with young children.

And the nightly Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show is a must-see, with 300+ performers that will bring Mexican culture to life.

You can read my full Xcaret review for all the details!

Travelista Tip: Meals are not included at Xcaret, so you’ll need to upgrade to the Xcaret Plus package for a buffet meal and other added benefits like lockers and snorkeling equipment.

What’s included in the Xcaret Admission Ticket:

  • 50+ activities
  • Water activities in the underground river
  • Access to beaches, bays and natural pools
  • Nightly Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show
  • Use of lounge chairs, hammocks and rest areas
  • Life jackets and inner tubes

5. Xplor

Water Zipline at Xplor Park
Xplor Stalactite River Swim
Xplor Hammock Splash
  • 📍 LOCATION: Google Maps
  • 🕒 HOURS: Mon–Sat from 9AM–5PM
  • 🤿 ACTIVITIES: Stalactite River Swim, Water Ziplines, Hammock Splash, Rafts, Underground Expedition
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 SUITED FOR: Ages 5+
  • 🎟 HOW TO BOOK: Book tickets online here →

Xplor is another Xcaret adventure park, offering adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities amidst lush tropical gardens and jungle landscapes.

Known for having the best ziplining in Riviera Maya, Xplor Park has two full zipline circuits with jungle and ocean views that end with a water landing!

And aside from the ziplines, there are several water activities at Xplor include a refreshing swim throughout a Stalactite River, the Hammock Splash seated zipline, the underground Rafts challenge, and an Underground Expedition with water slides.

Xplor Water Park Playa del Carmen

Plus, you’ll also get to drive ATVs, which are known as amphibious vehicles and will take you on a thrilling course through jungle and caves.

Since the activities at Xplor are a little more intense, it’s best suited for adults or families with older children. And it’s an all-inclusive park so all activities, equipment, lockers, and a buffet lunch are included.

You can read my full Xplor review for all the details!

Travelista Tip: For an after-dark water park experience, check out Xplor Fuego, which is the same park as Xplor, only at night! 🔥

What’s included in the Xplor Admission Ticket:

  • 2 zipline circuits with 14 ziplines
  • Amphibious vehicles (ATVs)
  • 2 river circuits to paddle on rafts
  • Stalactite River Swim
  • Hammock Splash
  • Underground Expedition Challenge
  • Lunch buffet
  • Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages
  • Locker for two

6. Xenses

Xenses Slip Water Slide in Playa del Carmen
Xenses Salt River Float
Xenses Sludgerie Mud River Float
  • 📍 LOCATION: Google Maps
  • 🕒 HOURS: Mon–Sat from 8:30AM–7PM (closed Sundays)
  • 🤿 ACTIVITIES: Slip Water Slide, Mud & Salt River Floats, Bird Flight Zipline, The Town, Xensatorium, Sense-Themed Activities
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 SUITED FOR: Ages 5+
  • 🎟 HOW TO BOOK: Book tickets online here →

Situated just south of Playa del Carmen and right next to Xcaret, Xenses Park is a one-of-a-kind adventure park that takes you on a journey through different sensory experiences.

The park is all about challenging your senses and perceptions, creating an immersive and unforgettable adventure.

Xenses is not a full-blown water park but it does have some fun water activities in Playa del Carmen like the high speed Slip Water Slide and the Salt and Mud River Floats.

Xenses Slip Water Slide

Basically the park is divided into two sections–the Path of Feeling and the Path of Doing. The Path of Feeling is full of different sensory experiences like Xensatorium, optical illusions, and fun photo ops.

And the Path of Doing has more action-packed activities like the very trippy streetscapes of the Town, the Slip Water Slide, the Bird Flight Zipline, and the Salt and Mud River Floats.

Xenses is the least expensive of all the Xcaret parks so it’s great for families that are on a budget.

Plus, it’s just a half-day experience so it’s perfect for those that are short or time or want to squeeze in additional activities afterwards.

You can read my full Xenses review for all the details!

What’s included in the Xenses Admission Ticket:

  • Entrance to the park with 14 different sense-themed activities (Bird Flight Zipline, Slip Water Slide, The Town, Mud Float, Xensatorium, and more)
  • Restroom and dressing rooms
  • Lockers
  • Showers
  • Free parking
  • ATM
  • WiFi

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7. Xenotes

Xenotes Tour Kayaking
Xenotes Park Overwater Ziplines
Xenotes Park Water Slide
  • 📍 LOCATION: Google Maps
  • 🕒 HOURS: Available Mon–Sat
  • 🤿 ACTIVITIES: Cenotes, Water Ziplines, Water Slide, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Cliff Jumping, Rappelling
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 SUITED FOR: Ages 5+
  • 🎟 HOW TO BOOK: Book tickets online here →

Experience the ultimate eco-adventure with the Xenotes tour (pronounced “Shay-know-tays”), an all-inclusive cenote tour offered by Grupo Xcaret.

This is not a full-on water park but rather a tour that takes you to four private cenotes near Puerto Morelos, where you can participate in tons of different water activities.

Each of the four cenotes offers different circuits of activities including kayaking, snorkeling, water ziplines, water slides, cliff jumping, and assisted rappelling.

We had an excellent time on this Cenote tour. Pick up and drop off at our resort in the hotel zone went smoothly. The different cenotes were beautiful and each experience so fun. Was adventurous enough for those looking for a thrill, but also had plenty to see and do if you aren’t a daredevil.


Plus, it’s an all-inclusive tour so you’ll be picked up from your hotel, and breakfast, drinks, a picnic lunch, and all equipment are included. And you’ll be in a small group with your own driver and guide.

The entire experience is super fun and so convenient since everything is included.

Xenotes Rappelling Activity

Plus, what I love about Xenotes is that it feels less commercialized than than the bigger water parks so you’ll have a more authentic and unique experience exploring the incredible Playa del Carmen cenotes.

You can read my full Xenotes review for all the details!

What’s included in the Xenotes Admission Ticket:

  • Visit to 4 different cenotes
  • Water activities such as water ziplines, kayaking, snorkeling, water slides, and cliff jumping
  • Assisted rappelling
  • Local English and Spanish-speaking guide
  • Use of necessary equipment
  • Picnic lunch
  • Non-alcoholic beverages en route
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Light refreshments (coffee, chocolate, sweet bread)

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8. Mayan Water Complex

  • 📍 LOCATION: Google Maps
  • 🕒 HOURS: Daily from 9AM–5:30PM (Closed Tuesdays)
  • 🤿 ACTIVITIES: Wakeboarding, Flyboard
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 SUITED FOR: Ages 5+
  • 🎟 HOW TO BOOK: Book tickets online here →

Located about 20 minutes north of Playa del Carmen, Mayan Water Complex is a cable park that offers wakeboarding in Playa del Carmen.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned wakeboarding pro, this water park offers 3 different lakes for all levels.

The first lake is designed for pros with high-level obstacles, the second is suitable for intermediate riders, and the third lake is ideal for beginners.

Plus, flyboards are also available to rent, where you can master the art of propelling yourself above the water’s surface.

If you like wakeboarding, this is the right place for you! The team at Mayan Water Complex is super kind and really helpful.


The facility also offers a restaurant, palapas, lounge chairs, and other amenities that make it a great place for families and friends to hang out and relax.

If you’re looking to dive into the world of wakeboarding, Mayan Water Complex is the ideal place for learning, practicing, and enjoying water sports in Playa del Carmen.

It’s a bit more intense than the other Playa del Carmen waterparks, but still suitable for beginners as expert instruction is included in the admission price.

What’s included in the Mayan Water Complex Admission Ticket:

  • Wakeboard Pass or 30 min Flyboard
  • Wakeboard
  • Helmet
  • Lifejacket
  • Instruction

9. Chanolandia

Chanolandia Playa del Carmen
Photo Credit: Chanolandia
  • 📍 LOCATION: Google Maps
  • 🕒 HOURS: Daily from 10AM–6PM
  • 🤿 ACTIVITIES: Water Slides, Mayan Ruins, Cenotes
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 SUITED FOR: All ages
  • 🎟 HOW TO BOOK: Pay entrance fee upon arrival

Chanolandia is a local Mexican water park located about 15 minutes west of downtown Playa del Carmen.

It’s family owned and frequented by locals, rather than tourists, making it the perfect spot to experience Playa del Carmen like a local.

The park is very simple and no-frills, but still offers a variety of water activities and exciting attractions without breaking the bank.

You can slide down the colorful shark and dolphin water slides, explore ancient Mayan ruins, and take a dip in natural cenotes.

Plus, there are wildlife like peacocks and other exotic birds that you can see around the park.

The Chanolandia admission fee is quite affordable at only $100 pesos (~$5 USD) for adults and $50 pesos (~$2.50 USD) for kids–making it the cheapest water park in Playa del Carmen!

The park also offers a restaurant, restrooms, and picnic tables.

What’s included in the Chanolandia Admission:

  • Entrance to the waterpark
  • Water slides and swimming pools
  • Mayan Ruins
  • Cenotes
  • Restrooms and facilities

Best Water Parks in Playa del Carmen Mexico: FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about visiting water parks near Playa del Carmen Mexico:

What is the most popular water park in Playa del Carmen?

The most popular water park in Playa del Carmen is Xel-Ha, which is a large natural water park situated on an inlet of the Caribbean Sea, offering snorkeling, water slides, water ziplines, and a variety of water activities.

What Riviera Maya water park has the most water slides?

Jungala Water Park Playa del Carmen has the most water slides in Playa del Carmen with Thrill Slides, Family Slides, and Kids Slides.

What should you bring to Playa del Carmen water parks?

For a comfortable and enjoyable water park visit, be sure to bring biodegradable sunscreen, sunglasses, swimwear, flip-flops or water shoes, beach towels, and a sun hat.

Can you wear sunscreen at Playa del Carmen water parks?

Yes, but it’s recommended to wear biodegradable reef-safe sunscreen, as many of the water parks are located near or within natural reserves.

How do you get to the water parks in Playa del Carmen?

Most Playa del Carmen theme parks and water parks offer transportation that can be added to your admission ticket for an additional charge. If not, you can always take a taxi or consider renting a car.

Final Thoughts: Playa del Carmen Best Water Parks Guide

I hope this guide has been helpful in showing you all the best water parks to visit in Playa del Carmen.

Visiting a water park is one of the best things to do in Playa del Carmen, and whether you’re looking for thrills or something more laid-back, there’s something for everyone!

And what’s great is that most Playa del Carmen adventure parks and water parks are embedded into natural landscapes, so you can experience the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya while having some water fun.

My top recommendation for the best water park in Playa del Carmen is Xel-Ha, which is a stunning natural water park offering snorkeling, spiral water slides, water ziplines, a lazy river, and more.

Plus, it’s all-inclusive so all of your meals and drinks (including alcohol) are included and it’s actually very affordable and offers a great value for families.

But no matter which of these best Playa del Carmen water parks you choose, you’re sure to have an unforgettable adventure in Riviera Maya!