Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Review

Honest Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Review: Is it worth it? (2023)

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Are you interested in the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show and wondering if it’s worth it? You’ve come to the right guide!

As a travel blogger that lives in Playa del Carmen, I’ve seen the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show more than once and am here to share all the details!

The Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show is one of the most popular attractions in Playa del Carmen and offers a unique experience that celebrates Mexican culture.

But as one of the more expensive Playa del Carmen attractions, you might be wondering if it’s actually worth your time and money.

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Review

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I highly recommend you book your tickets to the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular — if you are a culture and history lover, you will love this colorful and entertaining show!

In this post, I’m sharing my honest Xcaret Mexico Espectacular review, including everything you need to know about the show, prices and ticket information, how to get the most out of your experience, and more.

So if you’re visiting Xcaret Park during the day and wondering if you should stick around for the show, or simply want to book tickets for the show only, I’ve got you covered!

Ready to find out if the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show is right for you? Let’s get started!

What is the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show?

The Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show is a live performance that takes place in an open-air theater at Xcaret Park every night.

With a crew of more than 300 people, the show features music, dance, singing, and acrobatics that celebrate Mexican culture and honor the country’s rich history.

The performance starts with reenactments of Mexico’s history and heritage depicting scenes from the Mayan empire, the Aztec civilization, and the arrival of the Spaniards.

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show

Then the show transitions into showcasing the colorful traditions and customs of many of the different states and regions throughout Mexico.

You’ll get to see many colorful performances with singing, dancing, Mariachi music, and more. And there’s even animals that make an appearance in the show too!

The Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show is included in all Xcaret Park tickets or you can simply purchase Xcaret at Night tickets if you want to attend the show only.

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Where is the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show?

The Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show takes place at the Gran Tlachco theater, which is located in the middle of Xcaret Park.

Xcaret Park is located just south of Playa del Carmen at the Xcaret destination, on an inlet of the Caribbean Sea.

Xcaret Park

It’s situated next to Xplor Park and Xenses Park, as well as the three Xcaret hotels–Hotel Xcaret Mexico, Hotel Xcaret Arte, and La Casa de la Playa.

Driving times to Xcaret theme park from nearby destinations are as follows:

  • Playa del Carmen to Xcaret Park: 15 minutes
  • Cancun to Xcaret Park: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Tulum to Xcaret Park: 45 minutes

When is the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show?

The Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show takes place every night at 7:00PM and lasts approximately 2 hours with a brief intermission.

The show takes place in a covered theater so the show will still take place even if it’s raining or if there’s bad weather.

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the Xcaret Mexico show pros and cons that I’ll discuss further in this post:

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Pros

  • Entertaining history lesson
  • Talented performers
  • Lots of color and energy
  • Cultural celebration

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Cons

  • No air-conditioning
  • Uncomfortable concrete seats
  • Food is not included
  • Takes place after a long day
Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show

Who is the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show best suited for?

The Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show is perfect for culture and history enthusiasts interested in Mexican traditions. It offers a low-key and family-friendly experience, suitable for all ages.

While it’s not as thrilling as some of the other activities you’ll find at the Xcaret parks, it’s a great evening activity, particularly for those seeking a relaxed option.

The last time my parents came to visit, we purchased the Xcaret at Night tickets–they loved the show and it was easy enough for my Dad to attend, even with mobility issues.

However, it may not satisfy thrill-seekers or those looking for something more interactive. And it takes place after a long day at Xcaret amusement park, so energy is required until the end.

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Ticket Types

Xcaret currently offers four different tickets types for admission to the park:

🎟 All four ticket types include the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show but if you just want to attend the show, then you can purchase the Xcaret at Night tickets only.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s included in the Xcaret ticket types:

Xcaret Admission

Xcaret Admission is the most basic admission package and includes all the basic activities and the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show with no food included.

↳ Check current prices for the Xcaret Basic admission ticket

Xcaret Park Mexico

Xcaret Plus Admission

Xcaret Plus Admission includes the basic admission, the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show, plus a buffet meal at one of the park’s numerous restaurants. 

You’ll also get access to the exclusive Plus area with complimentary lockers, dressing rooms, private restrooms, as well as the use of snorkel equipment for the Underground Rivers.

↳ Check current prices for the Xcaret Plus admission ticket

Xcaret Park Underground Rivers

Xcaret Total Admission

The Xcaret Total Admission is an upgraded package that includes everything in the Xcaret Plus ticket plus the choice of ONE activity: Adrenalina, Sea Trek, Stingray Sea Trek, or Sharks, a Hands On Adventure!

↳ Check current prices for the Xcaret Total admission ticket

Sea Trek at Xcaret Park Mexico

Xcaret at Night Admission

The Xcaret at Night Admission includes access to the park after 4PM and entrance to the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular with no food included.

↳ Check current prices for the Xcaret at Night admission ticket

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Musical Performance

How to Book Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Tickets

The easiest and most secure way to book Xcaret Mexico Espectacular tickets is online on the official Xcaret website.

You can purchase the Xcaret at Night tickets or one of the Xcaret admission packages that includes the show.

I recommend booking on the official website because they offer frequent discounts and promotions, as well as automatic discounts for booking in advance. I’ve also outlined some additional ways to save in the next section.

How to Save Money on Xcaret Tickets

There are a few different Xcaret discounts available–take advantage of these automatic discounts outlined below to get the best deal on Xcaret tickets and avoid paying full price for admission.

🦜 Explore my Xcaret resource hub for easy access to all of my Xcaret park reviews, comparison guides, as well as current Xcaret coupons and promotional offers.

Book in Advance

You can automatically save by booking online on the official park website in advance:

  • 10% off – ticket purchase 7 to 20 days in advance
  • 15% off – ticket purchase at least 21 days in advance

Create Your Own Package

If you’re interested in visiting more than one of the Xcaret parks and tours, you can save by creating your own combination package:

  • 15% off – ticket purchase for any combination package of two or more parks and tours
  • 20% off – ticket purchase for any combination package of three or more parks and tours

Stay at one of the Xcaret Hotels

Staying at an Xcaret all inclusive hotel gives you all “fun-inclusive” access to the parks, meaning you get unlimited access to all of the Xcaret parks during your stay. 

This is an especially great option for families if you plan on visiting more than one of the parks.

Check out the hotel websites below for more info on staying at an Xcaret all inclusive resort:

Hotel Xcaret Mexico Pool

Resident Discounts

Xcaret also offers a special discount for Quintana Roo residents which is valid only at the park’s ticket booths, online, or through the contact center.

Tickets for Quintana Roo residents can be purchased through the website here but it is only available in the Spanish language.

You’ll need to present an Official ID of Quintana Roo to get the best price and be eligible for the discount. For foreigners living in Quintana Roo, Temporary and Permanent Resident Cards are accepted.

How to Get to Xcaret Park

To get to Xcaret eco park, you can either pay for the Xcaret transportation service, take a taxi, or drive yourself:

Transportation Service

The easiest way to get to Xcaret is to add-on the round-trip transportation service when purchasing your tickets.

Xcaret buses pickup from most major hotels in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Tulum, and Riviera Maya. And if you’re staying at an Airbnb or vacation rental, then they’ll pick you up at a designated meeting point.

The Xcaret transportation service costs around $33 USD per person and can only be added when purchasing your tickets, so don’t forget to add this option if you need transportation.

Xcaret Bus Transportation


Taxis can also be taken to Xcaret adventure park and this can often be more economical if you’re staying in Playa del Carmen or a resort closer to Xcaret.

A taxi from Playa del Carmen to Xcaret should cost around $350-$400 pesos ($15-$20 USD) each way for up to 4 people.

There’s also a dedicated taxi stand at Xcaret so you can easily get a taxi for the return trip.

Playa del Carmen Taxi


If you have a rental car, driving to Xcaret Park is very easy as it’s located just off the main highway south of Playa del Carmen.

There are highway signs to direct you and free parking is available on-site.

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Dinner

Xcaret also offers a seven-course Xcaret Mexico Espectacular gourmet dinner, which you can purchase for an additional cost with your ticket.

The dinner is served throughout the show and features a variety of traditional Mexican dishes as well as international cuisine and regional ingredients.

It also includes a glass of sparkling wine, two glasses of red or white wine, and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages throughout the show.

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Dinner

Plus, with the Xcaret dinner show, you’ll receive VIP seating at the front of the theater so you can watch the show up close and personal!

I haven’t done this personally but it could be a good option if you want to add a little something extra to the experience!

↳ Check prices here for the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Dinner

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Dinner

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Dinner Menu

Here’s an example of the menu for the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular dinner:


  • Chef Canapes

Appetizers (Choice of):

  • Green Ceviche
  • Beef Carpaccio
  • Tomato Duet with Oaxaca Cheese
  • Cream of Smoked Oaxaca Cheese

Main Course (Choice of):

  • Shrimps in Tamarind Sauce
  • Chicken Breast
  • Grilled Flank Steak

Desserts (Choice of):

  • Cheese Mousse Glazed with Red Berries
  • Blackberry Chocolate Tart
  • Guava and Cheese Mousse
  • Mexican Sorbets

For drinks, you’ll also receive a glass of sparkling wine, two glasses of red or white wine, and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages during the show.

↳ Book the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Dinner Experience here

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Dinner Entree

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Review

Here’s what to expect from the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show:

Arrival and Seating

While walking up to the Grand Tlachco theater, you’ll get to see performers dressed as Mayan figures such as warriors and gods.

These make for a great photo op and adds a level of anticipation to get you ready for the show. There’s also some torches and fire pits that give the space an exciting ambiance.

Entrance to Gran Tlachco Theater at Xcaret Park
Performers outside of Gran Tlachco Theater
Performers outside of Gran Tlachco Theater

Once you arrive to the theater, staff will direct you to an available entrance and then seating is on a first-come first-served basis.

The theater is very large with tiered seating but I recommend getting there a bit early because it does fill up quickly.

The theater is made up of rows of concrete seating–some of the seats have cushions but the seats can get a bit uncomfortable after sitting for a long time.

And unfortunately, the theater is not air-conditioned so you’ll want to plan accordingly if you’re visiting in the summertime. There are large fans but it can still get pretty warm.

Gran Tlachco theater

Pre-Show Entertainment

If you arrive early, you’ll be treated to some pre-show entertainment including some traditional Mexican musicians and xylophone performances.

The pre-show entertainment lasts up until the show starts and sets the tone for an incredible night of live music, colorful costumes, and amazing performances.

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show

At promptly 7:00PM, the show starts with an impressive video introduction showcasing Mexico’s rich culture, history, and natural attractions. It will get you pumped for the show!

Throughout the next two hours you’ll be captivated by the incredible performance of over 300 performers dressed in colorful costumes with amazing sets and props.

And there’s even some animal appearances on stage like horses, the “Xoloitzcuintli” Mexican hairless dog, and colorful parrots.

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Performer

It starts as a history lesson at the very beginning of Mexico’s indigenous origins and progresses through each era until the modern day.

You’ll see an introduction to the Mayan culture with ancient gods and goddesses and you’ll even get to watch an exciting hip ball game on a traditional Mayan ball court.

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Mayan Ball Court
Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Mayan Ball Game

Then, the invasion of Hernan Cortez and the Spaniards is depicted with a battle between the indigenous people and the Spaniards.

After that, you’ll learn about Mexico’s fight for independence, industrialism, and then the country’s journey to becoming a modern nation.

After that, the show transitions into a cultural journey throughout Mexico’s music, dance, folklore, and celebration in each region of the country.

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show
Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show

So they’ll flash a particular state or region on the screen and then you’ll get to see a particular dance, song, or musical style that’s traditional to that area.

For example, Jalisco is highlighted with traditional Mariachi music and Michoacán is highlighted with the “Viejitos de Michoacán” traditional dance where the men dress up as old people.

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Mariachi Performers


Finally, the show ends with an impressive finale featuring all of the performers (and animals) on stage set to Luis Miguel’s iconic “Mexico En La Piel” song.

It concludes with colorful confetti explosions and the park’s signature parrots being released into the theater–talk about an impressive end to the show!

The grand finale is very memorable experience that will leave you with some lasting impressions!

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Finale

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show Tips

Follow these Xcaret tips to make the most of your Xcaret show experience:

  • Get there early: Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis so get there early if you want to snag seats closer to the stage. And if you’ve purchased an Xcaret at Night ticket, you can arrive anytime after 4PM so you can explore the park before the show starts.
  • Be prepared for no air conditioning: The theater is not air-conditioned so plan accordingly if you’re visiting during the summer months. There are fans but it can still get pretty hot. Bring a handheld fan or a bottle of water to stay cool.
  • Bring a portable charger: If you’re planning to visit Xcaret Park during the day, you’re probably going to be using your phone a lot to take pictures. Bring a portable charger in case your phone gets low on battery towards the end of the day and you still have plenty of juice to take pictures of the show. My phone died the first time I visited!
  • Bring a change of clothes: Make sure to bring a change of clothes to change into after the water activities so you can be dry and comfortable at the show.
  • Book tickets ahead of time: To save some money, book your tickets online in advance. You can automatically get a 10% discount for booking 7-20 days in advance or a 15% discount for booking more than 21 days in advance.
Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Alternatives

If you’re looking for other cultural attractions or evening entertainment in Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya, here are some alternatives:

Joya Cirque du Soleil

If you’re looking for an acrobatic show with a modern twist, then check out Cirque du Soleil’s Joya at Vidanta Resorts.

It’s an amazing show that combines acrobatics, music, and artistry to create a unique experience. The custom-built theater is modern, air-conditioned, and you can even purchase drink and gourmet dinner packages.

Compared to the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular, it’s more sophisticated and better-suited to adults while the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show is more family-friendly.

You can read my full Joya Cirque du Soleil review for all the details!

Joya Cirque du Soleil

Coco Bongo Playa del Carmen

If you’re looking for a lively club atmosphere, then Coco Bongo in Playa del Carmen is also an option for a fun night out.

It’s a combination of live entertainment including acrobatics, dancers, and music with a club atmosphere. Plus, tickets include an open bar so you can get your drink on!

Compared to the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular, Coco Bongo is a much more wild party atmosphere–it’s high energy and still a lot of fun but better suited for those looking to party.

You can read my full Coco Bongo Playa del Carmen review for all the details!

Coco Bongo Playa del Carmen

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular: FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Xcaret Mexico night show:

What time is the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show?

The Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show starts at 7:00PM and lasts for about 2 hours.

Are drinks free at Xcaret?

No, drinks are not free at Xcaret.

If you purchase the Xcaret Plus ticket or the Xcaret Total ticket, a buffet meal is included as well as one beer and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, flavored waters, and coffee) while consuming food.

Otherwise, drinks must be purchased separately with cash or credit card.

How long is the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular?

The Xcaret Mexico Espectacular evening show is approximately 2 hours long.

Is the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular theater air-conditioned?

No, the Gran Tlachco theater is an open-air theater and is not air conditioned.

Are there assigned seats at the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular?

No, it is open seating at the Gran Tlachco theater but there are some special areas reserved for the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular dinner guests, Xcaret hotel guests, and handicap seating.

Is there a dress code for the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show?

No, you can dress up if you wish but most people will still be wearing casual clothes they had on at the park during the day.

Is the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show suitable for kids?

Yes, the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular is suitable for young children and kids of all ages. As long as they can sit through the show and not get too restless, they’ll enjoy it!

Entrance to El Gran Tlachco Theater

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Review Final Thoughts: Is it worth it?

The Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show is a lively musical journey through the culture and history of Mexico.  I do think it’s worth it especially if you are a culture or history buff.

It features colorful costumes, impressive sets, talented dancing, and live music–you’ll learn a lot and be entertained at the same time!

If you’re visiting Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya and are looking for something to do at night, it’s definitely worth seeing and an activity that I would highly recommend.

You can opt for Xcaret at Night tickets for just the show, but regular Xcaret admission tickets offer the best value with over 50 Xcaret activities throughout the day.

Keep in mind that the theater lacks air conditioning and the concrete seats can be uncomfortable after two hours.

Despite that, staying till the end is worth it for this unique and entertaining show that fosters appreciation for Mexican culture.

So, are you ready to book your Xcaret Mexico Espectacular tickets?!

↳ Book your Xcaret Mexico Espectacular tickets here!