Xplor vs Xplor Fuego

Xplor vs Xplor Fuego: Which should you choose in 2023?

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Not sure what the difference is between Xplor and Xplor Fuego? Or can’t decide which Xcaret adventure park is best for you? Look no further!

As I travel blogger that lives in Playa del Carmen, I’ve become a resident expert on the Xcaret adventure parks. And I know just how confusing and overwhelming they can be! 

In this ultimate Xplor vs Xplor Fuego comparison guide, I’m going to give you all the information you need to choose between the two park experiences including:

  • An overview of the park differences
  • Pros and cons
  • Activity comparison
  • Price comparison
  • Food and beverage comparison
  • Money saving tips
  • And more!

Ready to find out which Xcaret adventure park experience is best for you? Let’s get to it, starting with a quick comparison chart:

Xplor Park



  • Activities: 6
  • Known for: Ziplining, ATVs

Discount: 15% off at least 21 days in advance

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Xplor Fuego

Xplor Fuego

🏆 Best IF YOU’RE short on time

  • Activities: 5
  • Known for: Nighttime Ziplining, ATVs

Discount: 15% off at least 21 days in advance

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What is the difference between Xplor and Xplor Fuego?

It’s important to know that Xplor and Xplor Fuego are the exact same park.  The difference between Xplor and Xplor Fuego is that Xplor is open during the day and Xplor Fuego is open at night.

At both parks, you’ll be able to experience most of the same adrenaline pumping activities which include ziplining, amphibious vehicles, a stalactite river swim, hammock splash, and rafts.

After 5:30PM, Xplor park transforms into Xplor Fuego with low-lit torches, cackling bonfires, and fire illuminations.

You’ll be able to see the sunset and even zipline under the starry skies for an extreme nighttime experience. 

Xplor Adventure Park Zipline

Is Xplor better day or night?

A visit to Xplor is one of the top things to do in Riviera Maya and you’ll no doubt have fun whichever option you choose!

If you’re looking for an all-day adventure park experience that’s great for the whole family, Xplor is the better option.

The park is open during the day so you’ll really get to see the beautiful Mayan jungle landscapes and can maximize your time there.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a unique nighttime experience that’s more geared towards adults, Xplor Fuego is the way to go.

It’s perfect if you’re short on time and want to escape the crowds and daytime heat.

Xplor Stalactite Swim

About Xplor and Xplor Fuego

Next, let’s take look at each park in more detail:

What is Xplor like?

Known for its adrenaline pumping activities, Xplor (pronounced “Ish-plor”) is the first Xcaret park I ever visited and still remains one of my favorites.

Xplor by Xcaret offers 6 different activities ranging from ziplines to underground caves to ATV experiences.

At this Playa del Carmen water park, each activity is carved into natural landscapes, taking you deep into the Riviera Maya jungle, underground cenotes, and flooded caves.

Xplor park is best known for its sky-high zipline course with some of the tallest zip-lines in Riviera Maya. Some even end with a vigorous drop into a cenote so be prepared to get wet!

The layout of the entire park is uniquely centered around the beating “Heart” (“Corazón” in Spanish), which is the park’s main meeting point and central hub with facilities and services.

You can read my full Xplor park review for all the details!

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Xplor Water Zipline

What is Xplor Fuego like?

After 5:30PM, Xplor Park transforms into its night-time persona known as Xplor Fuego (“Xplor Fire” pronounced “Ish-plor Fwe-go”).

When sunset hits, flickering torches and cackling bonfires signal the arrival of Xplor Fuego. What was scenic fun in the daytime is now a dramatic and mysterious landscape. Some describe it as an “extreme Xplor night adventure”. 

The same zip lines now show you a starry sky, the jungle becomes strange and haunting, and the underground rivers are illuminated only by fire torches.

The Xplor Fuego by Xcaret activities are the same but are transformed by red and orange hues, burning torches, and fire accents throughout the entire park.

You’ll get to enjoy a generous BBQ buffet and enjoy the nighttime landscape before the park closes at 11PM.

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Xplor Fuego

Xplor and Xplor Fuego Location

Xplor Mexico is located just 15 minutes south of Playa del Carmen on the way to Tulum, or a little over an hour south of Cancun Mexico.

Its location right off the main highway makes it easily accessible by car, taxi, or pre-arranged transport. 

Xplor and Xplor Fuego Mexico Map

Xplor vs Xplor Fuego: Pros and Cons

Next, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Xplor and Xplor Fuego:

Pros of Xplor

  • Full day all inclusive park experience
  • More circuits and courses
  • Better food and drink
  • Good for families

Cons of Xplor

  • More expensive
  • Can get crowded
  • Can be very hot during the day
  • Longer time commitment
Xplor by Xcaret Zipline

Pros of Xplor Fuego

  • Less expensive
  • Less crowded
  • Good for adults
  • Shorter time commitment

Cons of Xplor Fuego

  • Open for less time
  • Fewer circuits and courses
  • Can’t see jungle landscapes
  • Difficult to take pictures
Xplor Fuego

Xplor vs Xplor Fuego: Quick Comparison Table

Park Name# of Activities# of ZiplinesOpening HoursAdmission Price
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Xplor Fuego57Mon-Sat
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Xplor vs Xplor Fuego: Price Comparison

The price difference between Xplor and Xplor Fuego is typically about $30 USD.  Xplor Fuego is less expensive because it is open for fewer hours and has a more limited experience.

Xplor Tickets

Xplor offers one admission package that includes all the activities as many times as you want, as well as a lunch buffet and unlimited snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

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Xplor Fuego Tickets

Xplor Fuego offers one admission package that includes all the activities as many times as you want, as well as a dinner buffet and unlimited snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

🤑 Automatically get 15% off Xplor Fuego tickets when booking at least 21 days in advance!

Xplor Fuego Raft Activity

How to Save Money on Xplor and Xplor Fuego Tickets

There are a few different Grupo Xcaret discounts available–take advantage of these automatic discounts outlined below to get the best deal on Xplor tickets and avoid paying full price for admission tickets.

🦜 Explore my Xcaret resource hub for easy access to all of my Xcaret park reviews, comparison guides, as well as current Xcaret coupons and promotional offers.

Book in advance

You can automatically save by booking online on the official park website in advance:

  • 10% off – ticket purchase 7 to 20 days in advance
  • 15% off – ticket purchase at least 21 days in advance

Travelista Tip: You can change the date of your visit up to 24 hours before so it’s best to reserve your tickets ahead of time and then you can always change the date if needed. 

Create your own package

If you’re interested in visiting more than one of the Xcaret parks and tours, you can save by creating your own combo package:

  • 15% off – ticket purchase for any combination package of two or more parks and tours
  • 20% off – ticket purchase for any combination package of three or more parks and tours

Resident Discounts

Xcaret also offers special discount tickets for Quintana Roo residents which are valid only at the park’s ticket booth, online, or through the contact center.

Tickets for Quintana Roo residents can be purchased through the website here but it is only available in the Spanish language.

You’ll need to present an Official ID of Quintana Roo to be eligible for the discount. For foreigners living in Quintana Roo, Temporary and Permanent Resident Cards are accepted.

Stay at one of the Xcaret Hotels

Staying at an Xcaret all inclusive resort gives you all “fun-inclusive” access to the parks, meaning you get unlimited access to all of the Xcaret parks during your stay. 

This is an especially great option for families if you plan on visiting more than one of the parks.

Check out the hotel websites below for more info:

🎨 Wondering what it’s like to stay at an Xcaret hotel? Find out in my Hotel Xcaret Arte review!

Hotel Xcaret

Xplor vs Xplor Fuego: Activities Comparison

While Xplor and Xplor Fuego offer the same activities, the difference is that Xplor Fuego offers fewer circuits, routes, and courses.

Xplor offers 6 different adventure activities while Xplor Fuego offers just 5–Xplor Fuego does not offer the new Underground Expedition activity.

But at both parks you’ll be able to do all the activities as many times as you want.

Here’s how the activities differ between the two parks:


  • Xplor: With two full zip line circuits and a total of 14 unique ziplines, Xplor offers the absolute best ziplining in Riviera Maya with jungle and ocean views. You’ll reach the top of the towers by climbing spiral staircases and hanging bridges. Take off from the Xplor zipline platforms solo or in-tandem for a thrilling high-speed jungle adventure.
  • Xplor Fuego: Xplor Fuego offers just one 1 zipline circuit with 7 ziplines.  You’ll have the unique opportunity to zipline at sunset when the sun descends below the jungle backdrop. And after dark, you’ll get to zip line under the stars and moonlit sky.

🔥 The main highlight of the Xplor Fuego zipline is an intense fire ring that you’ll soar through on one of the final ziplines. 

Xplor Zipline
Xplor Fuego

Amphibious Vehicles

  • Xplor: The ATVs of Xplor are known as amphibious vehicles and will take you on a jungle circuit measuring over 3 miles (5 kilometers). Hanging bridges, tiny roads, flooded caverns, and stunning views of the jungle await you along the journey.
  • Xplor Fuego: The Xplor Fuego amphibious vehicle circuit is illuminated by torches and orange and red accents.  The course is different from the daytime circuit but is longer, taking you through miles of jungles, caves, and over narrow bridges.
Xplor ATVs
Xplor Fuego


  • Xplor: An underground raft challenge that will take you river paddling as you navigate through underground caves. Each participant will be given two small wooden paddles that you’ll strap to your hands and use to paddle your way through an underground river course.
  • Xplor Fuego: The rafts are pretty similar to the daytime experience although the course is different and illuminated with an orange and red glow.  You’ll have to paddle with special hand paddles along a 623-yard (570 m) underground river.
Xplor Rafts
Xplor Fuego Rafts

Stalactite River Swim

  • Xplor: A unique Xplor water activity that will take you swimming, floating, and trekking through stunning underground caves featuring clear turquoise water, impressive stalactites, and ancient rock formations.
  • Xplor Fuego: The Stalactite River Swim of Xplor Fuego gives visitors the chance to swim in 383 yard (350 m) stalactite rivers inside ancient caves, illuminated by lava red and burnt orange hues. 
Xplor Stalactite River Swim
Xplor Fuego

Hammock Splash

  • Xplor: Sit back and relax in a hammock on this comfortable seated Xplor zip line circuit that ends with a thrilling drop into Xplor cenotes.  Try out the 2 different circuits for double the rush!
  • Xplor Fuego: The hammock splash of Xplor Fuego is a comfortable seated zipline with orange glowing lights illuminating the water and surrounding landscape. At the end you’ll drop into the dark cenotes.
Xplor Hammock Splash

Underground Expedition

  • Xplor: Only offered at Xplor, the new Underground Expedition activity allows visitors to explore underground caves, climb over obstacles, and glide down two thrilling water slides. You’ll be able to stand and trek through the narrow caves and shallow water in this underground challenge.  
Xplor Underground Expedition

Who are Xplor and Xplor Fuego suited for?

Both Xplor and Xplor Fuego are suited for adrenaline junkies looking for an intense adventure experience.

However, due to the nature of the activities, there are some important medical considerations to be aware of.

⚠️ Xplor is probably not the best place for you if you:

  • Have a fear of heights
  • Have difficulty climbing stairs or walking long distances
  • Have heart problems
  • Have had recent surgery
  • Have back pain
  • Are claustrophobic
  • Are pregnant

Who is Xplor suited for?

Xplor adventure park is best suited for adrenaline junkies that are looking for an all day adventure experience.

The park features some of the best ziplining in Riviera Maya, as well as other land and water activities that will get your heart pumping. 

It’s better suited for families with younger children (ages 5 and older). If you’re looking for a fun-filled adventure activity for the whole family, Xplor will be the perfect place for you.

Xplor Entrance

Who is Xplor Fuego suited for?

Xplor Fuego is best suited for adults or families with older kids who are looking for one of the most unique experiences in Riviera Maya at night.

The park is perfect for those short on time, especially if you don’t want to give up a full day of beach or sun time for an adventure park. 

Because Xplor Fuego is typically less crowded, it’s better suited for those that want to avoid crowds and wait times.

Additionally, Xplor Fuego is ideal for those that want to escape the heat, as Xplor can get very hot and muggy during the day.

Xplor Fuego vs Xplor Rafts

Xplor vs Xplor Fuego: Which has better food?

Here’s a look at how each theme park compares when it comes to food and drink.

While both parks offer buffet dining, the food at Xplor is slightly better with more variety. 

Plus, you’ll have more time throughout the day to snack on food and drinks as a pit stop between activities. 

Xplor Food and Drink

At Xplor, you’ll get to dine at the Troglodita restaurant, which is a large buffet-style restaurant with communal seating at large wooden tables.

The Xplor buffet lunch includes food options with a mix of American and Mexican cuisine including hamburgers, pizza, pasta, tacos, enchiladas, and much more.  

In addition, you’ll be treated to a healthy salad and fresh fruit bar, as well as soft-serve ice cream, and gourmet desserts.  Drink options include a soda foundation, water, and fresh juices.

Aside from the restaurant, Xplor Park Mexico also offers two snack and smoothie bars known as “Oasis” and “Manantial”. 

These snack bars are perfect for a pitstop between activities to refuel with refreshing flavored water, fresh juices, and fruit smoothies.  You can also grab some snacks like bananas and oatmeal cookies.

Xplor Restaurant
Xplor Restaurant

Xplor Fuego Food and Drink

At Xplor Fuego, you’ll get to dine at the same Troglodita restaurant but the menu is slightly different–Xplor Fuego offers a delicious buffet dinner with a variety of BBQ and meat options.  

You’ll get to choose from options like ribs, chicken skewers, beef empanadas, and Argentinian sausage.

Pasta dishes, vegetables, a salad bar, desserts, and other foods are also available. Vegetarian options can also be found.

You’ll also be treated to unlimited snacks (like Mexican churros and hot chocolate!) as well as non-alcoholic drinks.

However, since you won’t be at Xplor Fuego for as long a time, you probably won’t indulge quite as much in the snacks as you might throughout the day. 

Xplor vs Xplor Fuego: Opening Hours

Another one of the main differences between Xplor and Xplor Fuego is the opening hours.  Xplor is open for 8 hours and Xplor Fuego is open for 5.5 hours. 

Xplor Opening Hours

Xplor hours are from Monday-Saturday from 9:00AM-5:00PM (Closed Sundays).

Xplor Fuego Opening Hours

Xplor Fuego hours are from Monday-Saturday from 5:30PM-11:00PM (Closed Sundays).

Xplor vs Xplor Fuego Zipline

Xplor vs Xplor Fuego: Services and Amenities

Xplor and Xplor Fuego pretty much offer the same facilities and services:


Transportation is not included in the Xplor Fuego and Xplor price of admission.

To get to Xplor, you can go on your own, take a taxi, or add the round-trip transportation service to your ticket for an additional $29 USD per person.  Free parking is available on site.

If you do choose the Xplor transportation service, it’s important to know that transportation can only be added at the time of purchase, so be sure to add this when you’re buying your tickets.  Xcaret buses pick up at your hotel, resort, or designated meeting point. 

Travelista Tip: If you’re staying in Playa del Carmen Xplor is very easy to reach by taking a taxi and only costs around $15 USD each way (up to 4 people). There is a taxi stand outside of the park entrance for the return trip.


All necessary equipment is provided at Xplor and is included in the price of admission.

Helmets are required on all Xplor activities, and safe and high quality Xplor zip line harnesses are provided. You’ll also be given a life jacket to wear on water activities. 

Xplor vs Xplor Fuego Stalactite River Swim


Lockers are included in your Xplor and Xplor Fuego admission ticket and are a nice and much-needed amenity to store your valuables.

You’ll be given a thick velcro wristband to secure your locker key throughout the day.  Be sure not to lose it as the replacement fee is pricey!

The lockers are clean and spacious and are big enough to store a purse, backpack, towels, or tote bag.

Their central location in the “Corazón” makes it easy to come back to check your phone, change your clothes, or grab any of your belongings.

Xplor Lockers

Restrooms, Changing Rooms, and Facilities

The restrooms, showers, and changing rooms are also located in the “Corazón” and are very clean, accommodating, and well-maintained.

The dressing rooms are also a clean, dry, and private spot to change out of your wet clothes at the end of the day or night.

Xplor Changing Rooms

Gift Shops

Gift shops are located near the entrance and a few different places around the park where you can purchase park photos, snacks, souvenirs, and branded gear (like water shoes, swimsuits, and rashguards).

ATMs are also available and contactless payments with a credit card are accepted.

Travelista Tip: As expected, the gift shop offer items at a premium price so I would recommend bringing your own gear and water shoes to save money.

Xplor Gift Shop

Photo Pass

A Photo Pass can be added to your admission package when purchasing tickets online or on the day of the visit at the gift shops or at different stands throughout the park.

What’s cool is that there are cameras and “Xelfies” photo opportunities all over the whole park.

Tracking technology is inserted in your wristband so they can track your photos and you’ll be able to scan and review them all at the end of the day.

The Xplor photo package can be expensive but they are high-quality photos that are difficult to capture on your own (especially in the dark).

Plus, it’s a great way to capture your memories if you don’t have a GoPro or waterproof camera.

Travelista Tip: If you think you’re going to want the Xplor photos, add the photo package online ahead of time when purchasing tickets as it is less expensive than buying them at the park on the day of your visit. 

Xplor Fuego Zipline

What to Wear to Xplor and Xplor Fuego

You will definitely be getting wet so you’ll want to wear a swimsuit, comfortable clothes, and water shoes.

Close-toed shoes are required on some of the main activities so water shoes are an absolute must!

I usually always wear a one-piece bathing suit, waterproof shorts, water shoes, and a rash guard to be most comfortable on all the activities.

Xplor Review

What to Bring to Xplor and Xplor Fuego

When visiting Xplor, you’ll want to bring biodegradable sunscreen (regular sunscreen is not permitted), a beach towel, and a change of clothes to dry off at the end of the day. 

In addition, bring a GoPro or waterproof camera to capture some epic footage!

For Xplor Fuego, you won’t need sunscreen and it’ll be hard to get good GoPro pictures at night so just bring a towel, insect repellent, and a change of dry clothes.

These microfiber beach towels are a great option because they are super lightweight and dry quickly. 

Xplor Fuego vs Xplor: FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Xplor and Xplor Fuego Playa del Carmen:

How long does it take to do Xplor Fuego?

Xplor Fuego activities can be done in 3-4 hours.  But with dining times included, and since you can do the activities as many times as you want, you’ll have enough to do for the full 5.5 hours. 

What are the minimum age restrictions at Xplor and Xplor Fuego?

Xplor and Xplor Fuego are suited for children 5 years of age and older. There are minimum height and maximum weight restrictions for the ziplines at Xplor which can be found here on the “Important Information” tab.

Children can also ride tandem with an adult if they don’t meet the minimum weight requirement.

Does Xplor serve alcohol?

Due to the nature of the activities, Xplor does not serve alcohol.  You’ll be able to enjoy unlimited non-alcoholic beverages while visiting. 

What’s the Xplor cancellation policy?

For both Xplor and Xplor Fuego, reservations canceled more than two days in advance of the date of visit are subject to a 10% administration fee.

Reservations canceled in 2 days or less before the visit date, or in case of a no-show, are not refundable. A change of date for your visit can be made at no charge up to 24 hours before. 

More information on the Xplor cancellation policy can be found here.

Do you need to wear sneakers at Xplor Fuego?

Closed-toed shoes are required at Xplor Fuego so it’s best to wear water shoes rather than sneakers.

Xplor Fuego Tandem Zipline

Final Thoughts: Which is better Xplor or Xplor Fuego?

So, have you made up your mind between Xplor and Xplor Fuego?! I hope this Xplor Fuego vs Xplor comparison guide was helpful in guiding your decision. 

But if you’re still undecided between the parks, here’s my take:

If you’re looking for a full day adventure park that offers something for the whole family, Xplor is the perfect choice.

With a variety of outdoor activities and attractions, you’ll have plenty of time and get a full 8 hours of maximum enjoyment and really get to see the park’s beautiful jungle landscapes.

But if you’re short on time or want to escape the crowds (and heat!) then choose Xplor Fuego for a totally unique night of adventure.  

Now that you know the difference between Xplor and Xplor Fuego, which park are you going to choose?!

🤑 Automatically get 15% off Xplor tickets when booking at least 21 days in advance!

🤑 Automatically get 15% off Xplor Fuego tickets when booking at least 21 days in advance!