Does Mexico Have an Accent

Does Mexico have an accent? How to spell Mexico in Spanish

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Wondering if “Mexico” has an accent when it’s spelled in Spanish? You’ve come to the right guide!

It’s a common question if you’re not a native Spanish speaker and are unfamiliar with the pronunciation rules.

And if you’re going to be traveling to Mexico soon, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the correct spelling and pronunciation.

In this article, I will explain the correct way to spell and pronounce Mexico in Spanish, and the key differences between the spelling in Spanish and English.

I’ll also give you some tips and tricks on how to add Spanish accents quickly and easily on your keyboard when typing or texting.

Read on to find out more about how to correctly spell Mexico in Spanish!

Does Mexico have an accent in Spanish?

Yes, Mexico does have an accent on the “e” when spelled in Spanish. The “e” is marked with an accent (México) to indicate that the syllable is stressed or pronounced with a stronger emphasis.

How is Mexico spelled in Spanish?

The correct way to spell “Mexico” in Spanish is “México”. This spelling includes the accented “e”, which signifies that the “e” syllable should be pronounced with a stronger emphasis.

Map of Mexico

How do you pronounce Mexico in Spanish?

The correct pronunciation of Mexico in Spanish is “Meh-hee-koh”.

The emphasis should be placed on the first syllable (“Mé”) because that is where the accent mark is.

Additionally, the “x” is pronounced like the English “h” sound (as in “he”) and not like the “k” sound in English.

🔊 You can hear how to pronounce Mexico in Spanish by clicking here.

SpanishDict is a great website for learning Spanish with lots of helpful tools like translations, audio pronunciations, and pronunciation guides.

How to spell Mexico in Spanish versus English

The key difference between spelling Mexico in English versus Spanish is that the “e” is not accented in English, but it is accented in Spanish.

  • Mexico English spelling: Mexico
  • Mexico Spanish spelling: México
English Spanish Dictionary

How to add Spanish accents on your keyboard

Here are some tips and tricks on how to easily add Spanish accents to letters when typing on your computer keyboard or phone keyboard.

Computer keyboard

Here are the instructions on how to add Spanish keyboard accents for both Mac and PC computers:


On a Mac, you can simply hold down the letter key that you want to accent, and a small menu will appear over your keyboard that allows you to select the desired accent.


To insert the Mexico accent mark on a Windows PC, you can simply press:

  • CTRL+’ (APOSTROPHE), the letter

Phone keyboard

Here are the instructions to add the Spanish accent marks on both iPhone and Android:


On an iPhone, you can easily add Spanish accents by holding down the letter key and selecting the appropriate accent mark from the popup menu that appears.

Additionally, you can also install a Mexican Spanish keyboard in your iPhone settings which will allow you to easily switch between Spanish and English keyboards when typing and texting in WhatsApp or another messaging app.

This will also add added functionality for the Spanish language including auto-correct in Spanish and the ability to quickly type accents and symbols like the tilde (~) or upside-down exclamation point (¡).


On an Android phone, you can do the same by holding down the letter key and selecting the accent mark from the popup menu that appears.

Woman Holding Phone Typing a Message on Whatsapp

How to spell Mexico: FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Mexico spelling and pronunciation:

How do Mexicans say Mexico?

Mexicans typically say “Meh-hee-koh” when referring to Mexico, with emphasis on the first syllable.

Does Mexico have an accent in the word?

Yes, Mexico does have an accent on the “e” when spelled in Mexican Spanish. This is because the first syllable needs to be marked with an accent in order to accurately represent its pronunciation.

Does Mexico have an accent over the e?

Yes, there is an accent on the “e” in Mexico when spelled in Spanish.

How do you pronounce Mexico in English?

When pronouncing Mexico in English, the correct pronunciation is “Mek-suh-koh”.

You really only need to master the Spanish pronunciation of Mexico if you are going to be speaking Spanish.

Spanish Language Books with Mexican Flag

Conclusion: Mexico Accent Mark Guide

Whether you’re traveling to Mexico soon or just have an interest in learning new languages, knowing how to properly spell and pronounce “Mexico” is key.

I hope this guide to Mexico spelling and pronunciation has been helpful in giving you the tools you need to correctly write and say the word!

Remember to spell Mexico with an accent mark on the “e” like “México” when writing the word in Spanish. And the correct way to say Mexico in Spanish is “Meh-hee-koh”.

And by following the tips and tricks in this article, you can quickly and easily add accents when using your keyboard when texting or typing the word.

Now that you know how to write Mexico in Spanish and pronounce it using the proper accents and symbols, you are ready to explore all that this fascinating country has to offer!

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