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Where to Find the Best Pizza in Playa del Carmen Mexico in 2023

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Are you looking for the best pizza in Playa del Carmen? You’ve come to the right guide!

I’m a travel blogger that lives in Playa del Carmen, so I’ve had all the time to discover the best pizza restaurants in town.

While you might not be able to fathom going out for pizza instead of tacos, Playa del Carmen actually has an incredible selection of authentic Italian restaurants.

In this post, I’m sharing my ranking of the best places for pizza in Playa del Carmen, whether you’re looking for dine-in or delivery.

Read on to find out where to get the best pizza in Playa del Carmen!

Best Pizza Restaurants in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen surprisingly has a fair share of high quality Italian restaurants. Below is my ranking of my favorite pizza restaurants from least to most favorite.

And if you prefer to have your pizza delivered, you can conveniently order through one of the food delivery apps listed below each restaurant.

1. Piola

Located on beautiful 38th Street, Piola Playa del Carmen is a colorful and casual open air Italian restaurant.

With over 50 types of pizza to choose from on the menu, they have toppings for every taste in addition to Italian dishes and appetizers.

The pizza at Piola is quite good but I wouldn’t say it’s phenomenal. But with so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find something you like.

Now what I do love about Piola is the atmosphere. The restaurant’s design is very bright and colorful, and they often have fun decor and trendy signage at the front entrance.

Piola also has a full service bar, which makes it a great place for happy hour. Don’t miss out on their sangria specials!

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Travelista Tip: Piola is just one block from the public beach at 38th Street so consider ordering your pizza to go and enjoying it at the beach!

Piola Playa del Carmen
Piola Pizza Playa del Carmen

2. Don Mario

Don Mario is a popular Italian restaurant and pizzeria located on 8th Street just one block off of 5th Avenue.

It has an old school Italian feel and the atmosphere is a little more upscale.

The menu at Don Mario offers over 30 different kinds of wood oven pizza. They also serve homemade pasta dishes including gnocchi and ravioli, as well as steak and seafood.

And if you’re dining in the restaurant, you’ll definitely want to order some speciality wine or sangria to pair with your meal.

Order delivery on: Rappi

3. Don Chendo

Located on 30th Avenue, Don Chendo is a less well-known Italian restaurant known for their Chicago style deep dish pizza.

I lived in Chicago for almost 5 years before moving to Playa del Carmen so I can attest that it is not exactly the same but comes pretty close!

The restaurant itself is not very fancy – it’s more of a hole in the wall type of place that is frequented mostly by locals.

The deep dish pizzas are extremely filling so you will want to come hungry and will likely leave with leftovers.

You’ll definitely want to wear your stretchy pants at this Playa del Carmen pizzeria!

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Don Chendo Playa del Carmen

4. La Famiglia

La Famiglia is a family-owned authentic Italian restaurant that offers 40 different types of wood oven pizzas.

You’ll also find homemade pastas and freshly prepared Italian dishes on the menu. The pizzas are large and every one that I’ve tried has been delicious.

With white wooden furniture, the restaurant is very charming and a little more upscale.

Its warm and homey atmosphere also makes La Famiglia a great place to dine with family and friends–I’ve even gone there for my birthday dinner!

It’s definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Playa del Carmen. Note they are closed on Mondays.

La Famiglia Playa del Carmen

5. Trattoria del Centro

Tucked away just off of 5th Avenue and 26th Street, Trattoria del Centro is an intimate open-air Italian restaurant serving some of the highest quality pizza and Italian dishes I’ve had in Playa del Carmen.

The pizza is Neapolitan brick oven style pizza topped with huge globs of mozzarella cheese — ¡que auténtico!

The atmosphere at Trattoria del Centro is super cute and cozy and makes you feel like you are part of the family.

It’s a small restaurant so it can sometimes be hard to get a table. Be sure to get there early or order your pizza to go.

Trattoria del Centro Pizza Playa del Carmen

6. Sabrina

With a central location on Avenida Constituyentes, Sabrina is a traditional Italian restaurant and cafe open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

On the menu they have a variety of pizzas, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. The pizzas are traditional Italian wood fired pizzas and are really delicious. So delicious that I usually have to stop myself from eating the whole pizza!

Sabrina is a small restaurant but it’s always very busy and you’ll often see groups of old friends at the tables outside sipping espressos.

And as an added bonus they also have a full pastry counter with traditional Italian pastries as well as gelato.

Travelista Tip: Sabrina offers 50% off all pizzas on Fridays, which includes dine-in, carry out, and delivery.

Sabrina Playa del Carmen

7. Salento

Located on the north end of Playa del Carmen on Avenida CTM near the beach, Salento is an Italian restaurant serving authentic pizzas originating from a subregion of Puglia, Italy.

With a fluffy crust, fresh ingredients, and a plentiful amount of cheese, it has quickly become my favorite pizza restaurant in Playa del Carmen.

At Salento, you can dine at the restaurant with a quaint indoor and outdoor seating area or order the pizza to go.

And if you’re not in the mood for pizza, you can indulge in one of their hearty pasta dishes topped off with a glass (or two!) of wine.

Salento Pizza Playa del Carmen

Delivery Pizza in Playa del Carmen

If you’re looking for pizza delivery in Playa del Carmen, my first recommendation would be to order delivery from one of the pizza restaurants above.

Delivery service for these restaurants is available on the Playa del Carmen food delivery apps listed under each restaurant including Uber Eats and Rappi.

If you don’t speak Spanish, using one of these apps is the easiest way to order. Some will allow you to pay directly on the app, and others require you to send your order on Whatsapp and pay in cash or card when they deliver.

You can always call the restaurant, but keep in mind the order takers most likely won’t speak English.

And if you’re looking for something a little more familiar, below are some well known pizza chains that offer fast delivery service.


Yes, Domino’s pizza exists in Mexico and is actually pretty popular.

You can order online or through the Domino’s Mexico app and they will deliver the pizza to you on a motorbike.

One nice thing is the delivery person will bring a portable credit card terminal if you want to pay with a credit card.

Order delivery on: Uber Eats

Pizza Hut

Another popular pizza chain in Playa del Carmen is Pizza Hut, which is easiest to order on one of the apps.

They pretty much have the same menu as in the U.S. but don’t be surprised when they give you ketchup (catsup) as a sauce with your pizza. Apparently that’s a thing in Mexico.

Order delivery on: Rappi | Uber Eats



Located on the other side of the highway, Zaffaroni’s is a popular pizza delivery restaurant in Playa del Carmen.

Unfortunately they don’t offer delivery to the downtown area but it’s available if you live in one of the gated communities nearby.

I’ve had their pizza quite a bit and it’s very good!

Order delivery: 984 109 4759

Piola Playa del Carmen

Conclusion: Pizza Playa del Carmen Guide

So, what do you think? Are you ready to cheat on tacos with pizza?

I really hope you get to try some of my favorite Playa del Carmen pizza restaurants.

My personal favorite is Salento, but you really can’t go wrong with any of these delicious pizza restaurants in Playa del Carmen.

For more food and drink recommendations check out my guides to the best restaurants and best bars in Playa del Carmen.

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