Xavage Vs Xplor

Xavage vs Xplor: Which adventure park is better in 2023?

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Are you interested in visiting the Xcaret parks in Riviera Maya Mexico and can’t decide between Xavage and Xplor? You’ve come to the right guide!

As a travel blogger that lives in Playa del Carmen, I’ve become a resident expert on the Xcaret adventure parks.

And I know just how confusing and overwhelming it can be to navigate all the park information on the internet and understand what they’re really like. That’s where I’m here to help!

In this Xavage vs Xplor comparison guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about visiting both of these extreme adventure parks including:

  • An overview of each park
  • Pros and cons
  • Price and value comparison
  • Activities comparison
  • Food and beverage comparison
  • Visitor info
  • Money saving tips
  • And more!

Ready to find out which Xcaret adventure park is best for you? Let’s get to it, starting with a quick comparison chart:

Xavage Monster Truck


🏆 Best for ExTreme thrill seekers

  • Activities: 7
  • Known for: Extreme Activities

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Discount: 15% off

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Xplor Zipline


🏆 Best for ZIPLINING

  • Activities: 6
  • Known for: Ziplining, ATVs

Discount: 15% off at least 21 days in advance

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About Xavage and Xplor

Xavage and Xplor are the two Xcaret adventure parks where you’ll find the most adventurous activities.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then these thrilling adventure park experiences will be perfect for you.

While they are expensive, the tickets provide an all-inclusive package providing a full day of unique adventure activities for a totally unforgettable vacation experience.

Here’s a quick overview of each park:

About Xavage Park

The newest of Xcaret’s 8 adventure parks, Xavage is located just south of Cancun and about 45 minutes north of Playa del Carmen.

I’d equate it to an Xcaret park on steroids since it’s where you’ll find some of the most adrenaline-pumping activities.

Xavage offers 7 different activities, each named after animals:

  • Ropes course (Howler Monkey)
  • Superman-style ziplining (Hawk)
  • White water rafting (Barracuda)
  • Monster trucks (Puma)
  • Kayaking (Crocodile)
  • High-speed jet boat experience (Dragonfly)
  • Kids pool (Serpent)

The white water rafting and monster truck course are intense – and probably some of the most unique experiences you’ll find at Xcaret theme parks.

You can read my full Xavage review for all the details!

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Xavage Xcaret
My first visit to Xavage Park Mexico!

About Xplor Park

Located just 15 minutes south of Playa del Carmen, Xplor is the first Xcaret park I ever visited and still remains one of my favorites.

Xplor offers 6 different adventurous activities ranging from ziplines to underground caves to ATV experiences.

Each activity is carved into natural landscapes, taking you deep into the Riviera Maya jungle, underground cenotes, and flooded caves.

Xplor park is best known for its sky-high zipline course with some of the highest ziplines in Riviera Maya. Some even end with a vigorous drop into a cenote so be prepared to get wet!

You can read my full Xplor review for all the details!

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Xplor Review
Xplor Park

Xavage vs Xplor Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each park:

Pros of Xavage

  • Newest Xcaret Park
  • Most activities
  • More extreme
  • Fewer crowds

Cons of Xavage

  • Most expensive
  • Less water activities
  • No cenotes
  • More man-made

Pros of Xplor

  • Less expensive
  • Best ziplines
  • Cenotes
  • More water activities

Cons of Xplor

  • Fewer activities
  • Only 1 admission option
  • More crowded
  • Lots of stairs

Xavage vs Xplor: Quick Comparison Table

Xavage71 Horizontal Zipline3Monster TrucksNoMon-Sat 8:30AM-5PM→ Check prices
Xplor62 Circuits each with 7 Ziplines4Amphibious VehiclesYesMon-Sat 9AM-5PM→ Check prices

Xavage vs Xplor Activities Comparison

Next, let’s take a look at how each park stacks up in terms of activities.

Xavage Activities

  • Kayak
  • Ropes Course
  • Zipline
  • Jet Boat
  • White Water Rafting
  • Monster Truck
  • Kids Pool

Xplor Activities

  • Ziplines
  • Amphibious Vehicles
  • Rafts
  • Stalactite River Swim
  • Hammock Splash
  • Underground Expedition
Xavage Jet Boat
Xavage Jet Boat
ATVs Tours Playa del Carmen
Xplor Amphibious Vehicles

Xavage vs Xplor: Which is better for ziplining?

If you’re looking for the best ziplines, Xplor is the clear winner!

With two full zipline circuits (each with 7 ziplines) Xplor by Xcaret offers the absolute best ziplining in Riviera Maya with jungle and ocean views.

You’ll reach the top of the towers by climbing spiral staircases and hanging bridges. Both circuits end with a drop into a cenote so be prepared to get wet!

On the other hand, Xavage offers just one zipline, which is a horizontal Superman-style zipline experience.

While this style of zipline is unique, the speed is not as fast as you’d expect so it’s not quite as thrilling.

It feels more like a man-made theme park ride rather than being really integrated into the natural surroundings like you’ll find at Xplor Mexico.

Xavage Zip Line
Xavage Zipline
Xplor Zipline
Xplor Zipline

Xavage vs Xplor: Which is better for water activities?

You’ll find water activities at both parks, so be prepared to get wet!

Xavage Park by Xcaret features 3 water activities which include white water rafting, the high-speed jet boat experience, and the kids pool. 

You will get most wet on the white water rafting as you will likely get tossed out of the raft.  The high-speed jet boat is thrilling but probably won’t leave you soaked.

On the other hand, Xplor is one of the top Playa del Carmen water parks featuring 4 water activities including the Rafts, Stalactite River Swim, Hammock Splash, and the Underground Expedition.

The Stalactite River Swim and Underground Expedition will take you swimming, river paddling, trekking, and rafting through ancient caves.

Overall, I think Xplor is better for water activities since they are more unique and you get the opportunity to swim, explore, and raft through totally natural cavernous landscapes.

Xavage White Water Rafting
Xavage White Water Rafting
Xplor Underground Expedition

Xavage vs Xplor: Which is better for ATVs?

Both Xavage and Xplor offer pretty thrilling ATV experiences in Riviera Maya.  The main difference is the type of ATV vehicle, the course, and the intensity.  

At Xavage, you’ll be able to drive monster trucks, two-seated all-terrain vehicles with giant wheels, as you traverse through an enclosed obstacle course with giant rocks, steep inclines, and downward slopes. 

It’s an intense experience – the monster trucks were personally the most terrifying activity for me at Xavage and I wasn’t even driving!

On the other hand, at Xplor Park Mexico you’ll be able to drive amphibious vehicles, which are four-seated jungle buggies. 

These all-terrain vehicles allow you to traverse between 800 yards of land and water landscapes, and over narrow wooden bridges.  The course can get muddy so be prepared to get dirty!

Overall, the ATVs at Xavage are more intense, but the Xplor ATV course is longer and has better jungle landscapes.

Xavage Monster Truck
Xavage Monster Truck
Xplor ATVs
Xplor Amphibious Vehicle

Xavage vs Xplor: Which is better for land activities?

If you prefer to stay dry, then Xavage is the best option for strictly land activities.

Its most unique land activity is the ropes course, which offers 4 different courses with different levels of difficulty. 

The ropes course is a giant elevated obstacle course giving you the opportunity to climb, swing, and make your way across bridges, suspended platforms, nets, and ropes.

The ropes course is a fun and challenging activity and was personally my favorite at Xavage Mexico.

Xavage Ropes Course

Xavage vs Xplor Price Comparison

Next, let’s take a look at how the prices compare for each park.

Xavage Admission Tickets

Xavage offers two different admission packages:

Xavage Basic Admission

The Xavage basic admission ticket includes:

  • 2 activities (Kayaking and Ropes Course)
  • Kids Area
  • Snack Bar
  • Lunch buffet

Xavage All-Inclusive Admission

The Xavage all-inclusive admission ticket includes:

  • All activities as many times as you want
  • Kids Area
  • Snack Bar
  • Lunch buffet

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Xplor Admission Tickets

Xplor just offers one admission package. The Xplor admission ticket includes all the activities as many times as you want, as well as a lunch buffet and unlimited snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

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Xavage vs Xplor
Xplor Underground Expedition

Xavage vs Xplor Comparisons

Here are a few value comparisons between the two parks:

Xavage vs Xplor: Which is cheapest?

If you compare the all-inclusive admission prices, Xplor is typically cheaper than Xavage.

However, Xavage does offer a basic admission package, which gives you access to kayaking and the ropes course.

Xavage vs Xplor: Which provides more value?

If you look at the number of activities offered compared to the price, both Xavage and Xplor provide equal value. 

However, I personally believe Xplor theme park provides better value for the types of activities included as it offers a better mix of water, land, underground, and in-the-air activities.  

Xplor Xcaret Park
Xplor Rafts

Xavage vs Xplor: Which is better for families?

While both parks are suited for children ages 5 and older, deciding which is better for families will depend on the ages of children. 

Xavage is more intense so it will be more enjoyable for older children and adventurous teens. 

For younger children, Xplor is a better overall experience with more activities that are less intense.

Xavage Xcaret
Xavage Kids Pool

Xavage vs Xplor: Which is better for adults?

Xavage by Xcaret is better suited for adults because the activities are more intense and there will likely be fewer children. 

I personally visited with a group of friends for a birthday celebration and it was really fun! 

Best ATV Tours in Playa del Carmen
Xavage Monster Trucks

Xavage vs Xplor: Which has better food?

Both Xavage and Xplor offer a buffet lunch, unlimited snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks. The restaurants are pretty comparable in terms of the food offerings.

Even though the restaurants are buffet-style, the food is still very good featuring fresh, healthy, and high-quality options.

You’ll also be treated to snack bars offering pizza at Xavage and cookies and fruit at Xplor.

Xavage Restaurant
Xavage Restaurant
Xplor Restaurant
Xplor Restaurant

How to Save Money on Xcaret Tickets

There are a few different Xcaret discounts available–take advantage of these discounts outlined below to save money on Xcaret tickets and avoid paying full price for admission tickets.

🦜 Explore my Xcaret resource hub for easy access to all of my Xcaret park reviews, comparison guides, as well as current Xcaret coupons and promotional offers.

Book in Advance

You can automatically save by booking online on the official park website in advance:

  • 10% off – ticket purchase 7 to 20 days in advance
  • 15% off – ticket purchase at least 21 days in advance

Create Your Own Package

If you’re interested in visiting more than one of the Xcaret parks and tours, you can save by creating your own combination package:

  • 15% off – ticket purchase for any combination package of two or more parks and tours
  • 20% off – ticket purchase for any combination package of three or more parks and tours

Resident Discounts

Xcaret also offers a special discount for Quintana Roo residents which is valid only at the park’s ticket booths, online, or through the contact center.

Tickets for Quintana Roo residents can be purchased through the website here but it is only available in the Spanish language.

You’ll need to present an Official ID of Quintana Roo to be eligible for the discount. For foreigners living in Quintana Roo, Temporary and Permanent Resident Cards are accepted.

Stay at one of the Xcaret hotels

Staying at an Xcaret all inclusive hotel gives you all “fun-inclusive” access to the parks, meaning you get unlimited access to all of the Xcaret parks during your stay. 

This is an especially great option for families if you plan on visiting more than one of the parks.

Check out the hotel websites below for more info on these all inclusive resorts:

🎨 Wondering what it’s like to stay at an Xcaret hotel? Find out in my Hotel Xcaret Arte review!

Hotel Xcaret Mexico Pool

What to Wear to Xavage and Xplor

You will definitely be getting wet so you’ll want to wear a swimsuit, comfortable clothing, and water shoes.

I usually always wear a one-piece swimsuit with tight-fitting athletic shorts to be most comfortable in the zipline harness.

In addition, you’ll want to bring a beach towel and a change of clothes to dry off after the water activities.

These microfiber beach towels are a great option because they are super lightweight and dry quickly.

Playa del Carmen Zipline
Xplor Zipline

Xplor vs Xavage: FAQs

Here’s the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Xavage and Xplor:

What are the park hours at Xavage and Xplor?

Xavage is open from Monday-Saturday from 8:30AM-5:00PM. Xplor is open from Monday-Saturday from 9:00AM-5:00PM.

What are the age restrictions at Xplor and Xavage?

Both parks are suited for children ages 5 and older.

There are weight and height restrictions for the ziplines at Xplor which can be found here on the “Important Information” tab.

Children can also ride tandem with an adult if they don’t meet the minimum weight requirement.

Is transportation included at Xavage and Xplor?

Transportation is not included in the price of admission. To get to Xavage and Xplor, you can go on your own or add the round-trip transportation service to your ticket for an additional $29 USD per person.

If you do choose the transportation service, it’s important to know that transportation can only be added at the time of purchase, so be sure to add this when you’re buying your tickets.

What kind of facilities and services are available at Xavage and Xplor?

In terms of facilities, both parks have rest areas, dressing rooms, lockers, restrooms, WiFi, ATMs, and free parking.

Gift shops are located near the entrance where you can purchase park photos, souvenirs, and gear (like water shoes).

Xavage Xcaret
Xavage Rest Areas

Final Thoughts: Xavage vs Xplor

Overall, you can’t go wrong when choosing between Xavage and Xplor as both parks offer unforgettably fun and action-packed experiences.

Xavage is the best option if you are an extreme adrenaline junkie and want to experience the most intense activities.

However, if it’s your first time visiting an Xcaret park, then I would probably choose Xplor as it’s a personal favorite and offers the best mix of water, land, and zipline experiences. 

In addition, the Xplor adventure park is seamlessly embedded into the natural landscape featuring natural terrain, freshwater cenotes, and magnificent underground caves, which really shows off the natural beauty of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.

Now that you know all about Xplor vs Xavage, which park are you going to choose?!

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