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Coworking Playa del Carmen Guide

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With its close proximity to the United States, beautiful beaches, and low cost of living, Playa del Carmen has become a popular destination for digital nomads in recent years.  

As a digital nomad living in Playa del Carmen and working remotely, I have visited and worked at most of the coworking spaces in town.  

Here’s my coworking Playa del Carmen guide, including everything you need to know about the best coworking spaces. 

What is coworking?

Coworking is a relatively new concept and basically offers a communal office space to work from for travelers or remote workers.

They have become very popular in digital nomad hubs around the world including Bali, Thailand, Mexico, and Colombia.

Coworking spaces typically offer visitors a desk space, high speed internet access, printing services, as well as drinks and snacks.

Another important aspect of coworking is a sense of community.  Coworking spaces are essentially a hub in an international location, and are a great place to meet like minded individuals, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

It can be a collaborative place to get work done, generate new ideas, and meet new people. 

Selina Playa del Carmen

Benefits of coworking

Aside from providing the physical resources needed to work, there are also many other added benefits of coworking. 

I’ve personally experienced all of these benefits from my coworking experience in Playa del Carmen.

Office Resources

Of course one of the biggest benefits of coworking offices and spaces is the physical office resources that are provided. 

This includes desks, office chairs, high speed internet access, electrical outlets, air conditioning, and printing services. 

For digital nomads or travelers that may just be visiting for a short period of time, these resources provide a productive office environment and allows for the ability to travel lightly.

Networking Events & Group Outings

Another incredible benefit of coworking is the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. 

Many of the coworking spaces offer community events where you can meet and network with new people. Aside from professional events, it’s also common for them to organize fun group outings. 

In Playa del Carmen, I have seen them organize group trips to cenotes, beaches, and nearby towns like Bacalar, Tulum, and Holbox.

Getting involved in coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen is one thing that I wish I had done sooner, as it turned out to be the easiest way to make new friends and participate in fun group outings and events. 

Professional Development Opportunities

Another great benefit of coworking is the professional development opportunities that are organized by the coworking spaces. 

Many of the coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen plan professional development events including workshops, classes, and speaking engagements. 

Most are hosted by experienced members of the community, which offers a great way to learn new skills and explore topics of interest. 

How does coworking work?

Work environment

Coworking spaces provide a comfortable work environment and most offer communal rooms with many desks grouped together, as well as more private workspaces. 

I have also seen some tiny telephone booth style rooms where visitors can take private calls.  It’s also common to have a larger meeting room that can be reserved for group meetings.

How much does it cost?

Each coworking space has their own fees and plans but they typically offer daily, weekly, and monthly passes to utilize the coworking space.

Some spaces also offer a discounted membership package for 3 months or 6 months of unlimited coworking. 

The fees will also be higher for private working spaces or added amenities.  In Playa del Carmen, daily rates start at around $12 USD, weekly rates at $50 USD, and monthly rates at $150 USD.

The Best Coworking Spaces in Playa del Carmen

Living in Playa del Carmen, I usually work from my apartment rental the majority of the time, but I also love getting out and working at a coffee shop, coworking space, or even a beachfront restaurant to change things up. 

And it it is definitely at coworking spaces that I have had the most fun and have met the most people. 

There are three major coworking spaces in downtown Playa del Carmen – Nest, Bunker, and Selina.  This is where you’ll find the largest community of digital nomads.

There’s also a couple other spaces further away from downtown such as Cowork In and Work Zone, but the location is a little too far away so I have never made it those.  And unfortunately others have had to close their doors recently.

Nest Coworking Playa del Carmen

Nest Coworking Playa del Carmen

Nest Coworking was the first coworking space I ever visited in Playa del Carmen and it’s probably my favorite. 

Nest is a two story building that offers a communal workspace on the first floor, and a quiet, more private workspace on the second floor.  There is also an outdoor courtyard with some tables and chairs.

It’s not the newest space so some of the office chairs are a little bit worn, but they offer sufficient services and amenities, and claim to have the fastest internet in Playa del Carmen.

The internet was always super fast when I worked there but I never did a speed test to confirm this. 

Nest offers a nice place to work, and I also found it to be the most welcoming of all the coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen.  The first time I visited, I was invited out to lunch and met a ton of new people. 

I’m admittedly an introvert so being invited was a nice welcome into the Nest community.  They also host the most community events including workshops, courses, and barbecues.


Nest is located on 10th Avenue in between 12th and 14th Street.  The entrance is just to the left of Wing’s Army, and you’ll have to pass through a short walkway to get to the front door. 


  • Daily: $15 USD
  • Weekly: $75 USD
  • Monthly: $250 USD
  • 3 months: $700 USD
  • 6 months: $1,350 USD


  • Active and welcoming community
  • Large outdoor space
  • Central location


  • Older office furniture
  • Can be loud in communal space
  • Most expensive

Bunker Coworking Playa del Carmen

Bunker Coworking is one of the newest coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen that offers 24/7 access. 

The facilities and equipment are new, and they offer a communal working room and a couple of private phone booth rooms, as well as a small outdoor patio. 

I always had a good experience working there but it’s one of the smaller coworking spaces, and the design aesthetic is a little dark and cramped for my taste. 

The people at Bunker are super friendly and you definitely get a family vibe among members.  It’s a very welcoming community and they plan a variety of workshops and special events. 

I attended an event for their 1 year anniversary where they hosted a homemade taco dinner, which was a fun way to meet people and network in a casual setting.   


Bunker Coworking Space Playa del Carmen is located on 10th Avenue in between 38th Street and 40th Street. 

It’s located in a strip mall right next to GH Spa and there is an Oxxo convenience store on the corner. 


  • Daily: $280 MXN (~$14 USD)
  • Weekly: $1,250 MXN (~$62 USD)
  • Monthly: $3,300 MXN (~$162 USD)


  • Newest space
  • 24/7 Access
  • Free printing


  • Smaller space
  • Dark aesthetic
  • Not as central location

Selina Coworking Playa del Carmen

Selina Coworking is one of the most popular coworking spaces and is located at the Selina Playa del Carmen Hostel

Selina is a chain of hotels that has become popular in Latin America for offering budget accommodation for digital nomads. 

There are many other Selina Hostels in Mexico with the nearest ones in Tulum, Cancun, and Isla Mujeres

While staying at Selina, the use of the coworking space is included in your stay, or you can simply purchase a day, weekly, or monthly pass.  Onsite, Selina has a trendy inner courtyard, a bar and restaurant, and a pool. 

The coworking space is beautifully designed with modern equipment, brightly colored decor, and private rooms.  It’s definitely the most aesthetically pleasing coworking space in Playa del Carmen. 

While I love the way that Selina is designed, I didn’t have a great experience the first time I visited.  The staff was not super welcoming and the other guests pretty much just stuck to themselves. 

This could just be the day that I visited but it didn’t really make me want to come back.

However, Selina is known for its active digital nomad community and offers a lot of fun community events including ladies nights, pool parties, and yoga classes.  If you’re staying there, it definitely offers a lot of fun perks.

Selina Playa del Carmen


Selina is located on 2nd Street in between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue.  After you pass through the sliding door, you’ll find the reception desk where you can purchase a pass to the coworking space. 


  • Daily: $248 MXN (~$12 USD)
  • Weekly: $993 MXN (~$49 USD)
  • Monthly: $3,000 MXN (~$150 USD)


  • Trendy design
  • Central location
  • Bar and pool on site


  • Not as welcoming
  • More expensive
Selina Playa del Carmen
Selina Playa del Carmen
Selina Playa del Carmen
Selina Playa del Carmen

I hope this Playa del Carmen coworking guide was helpful if you’re planning to spend some time working in Playa del Carmen. 

Getting involved in these communities has definitely made my experience in Playa del Carmen so much better and I hope you get the chance to check them out! 

You’ll also want to join the Digital Nomad Crew Playa del Carmen and Tulum Facebook group for another way to get involved.

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