Best Beachfront Working Spots Playa del Carmen

8 Best Beachfront Working Spots in Playa del Carmen in 2023

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Are you a digital nomad visiting Playa del Carmen and looking for the best places to work at the beach? You’ve come to the right guide!

I’m a travel blogger that lives in Playa del Carmen and I’m here to share with you all the best places to work with ocean views and your toes in the sand.

In this post, I’m sharing the best beachfront working spots in Playa del Carmen with a solid wifi connection including beach clubs, restaurants, and hotels.

Read on to discover the best beach working spots to check out while you’re in Playa del Carmen!

Best Beachfront Working Spots in Playa del Carmen

With Mexico’s low cost of living and central time zone, Playa del Carmen has become an extremely popular destination for digital nomads in recent years.

And one of the best benefits of becoming a digital nomad is getting to work from the beach! There’s nothing that boosts productivity quite like a tropical ocean view.

Here are my favorite beachfront places to work in Playa del Carmen that you won’t want to miss:

1. INTI Beach

Located at Calle 6 and the beach, INTI Beach is a beach club and restaurant with some pretty amazing Caribbean views. 

If you’re looking for a nice place to sit down and set up your laptop, you’ll love the INTI Beach Club, which carries a light, indie vibe with boho decor. 

While the views at INTI are great, the beach area here is often more prone to seaweed, so I would recommend grabbing a table in the tiered seating area. 

Immerse yourself in a chill environment where people love to come and just hang out for a while. While working, you can treat yourself to a little more upscale cuisine for breakfast, lunch, or even a round of freshly made cocktails.

INTI Beach Club Playa del Carmen
INTI Beach Club Playa del Carmen

2. Las Hijas Beach Club

🚫 2023 Update: Las Hijas Beach Club is currently closed. TBD if it will re-open as a new establishment.

Located near Calle CTM and the beach, Las Hijas Beach Club is a bit of a hidden gem and probably my favorite beachfront working spot in Playa del Carmen.

It’s a 3 level beach club and restaurant with a tasty menu, full bar, and killer views of the entire stretch of the beaches in Playa del Carmen

With its multi-level setup, you can choose if you want a spot in the sand, or just grab a table on the upper floors for better views and a sand-free environment.

The wifi is decent for working and late afternoon is a great time to visit when it isn’t super loud or busy. 

Of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without getting a taste of the seafood small plates served there, so make sure you get yourself a plate or two!

I personally love the mezcal octopus tacos and ahi tuna tostadas. Plus, you can top it off with one of many choices on the cocktail menu.

Best Beachfront Working Spots Playa del Carmen

3. Lido Beach Club

Lido Beach Club carries a warm and homely vibe to it with its rustic environment, wooden and bamboo huts, and heart decor hanging from the trees.

Lido is very popular among the local expat community, so if you’re looking for a Playa del Carmen beachfront working spot that’s more authentic and local, then Lido beach club is the place for you. 

Surrounded by palm trees and built to provide casual comfort, Lido Beach Club is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a relaxing working environment and some peace and quiet for breakfast or lunch.

It’s my favorite morning spot for a tasty breakfast with fresh juices, coffee, traditional Mexican and American breakfast dishes, and mimosas. 

Just grab a table in the sand, stretch out your legs, and start working with a wifi connection just steps from the ocean.

Lido Beach Club Playa del Carmen

4. Mamitas Beach Club

Mamitas Beach is one of the most popular beach clubs in Playa del Carmen but what most people don’t know is that you can still work from the restaurant area.

With open-air seating overlooking the ocean, it’s not a bad spot to get some work done. 

Mamitas is known for being more of a party beach club so it can be a little loud and rowdy depending on the day.  For a quieter experience, I would recommend visiting during the morning or early afternoon hours. 

While working, you can order from the beach club menu, which serves typical Mexican and American dishes like nachos, burgers, and ceviches.

Plus, you can take advantage of the frozen cocktails that most people will be enjoying on the beach. 

Mamitas Beach Playa del Carmen

5. Zenzi Beach Club

Zenzi Beach Club is an upbeat and lively restaurant and beach bar that doubles as a working spot during the day. 

The setup is great for working as you can choose a table on the beach to have your toes in the sand or choose a spot in the elevated seating area near the bar. 

During the day, Zenzi is a more relaxed and chill environment where you can work at your own pace with a decent lunch menu and a full-service bar. 

I personally like working from the bar area as it offers excellent shade, an ocean breeze, and Caribbean views.  

Zenzi Playa del Carmen
Best Bars in Playa del Carmen

6. Thompson Beach House

If you’re looking for working conditions that are more private and slightly top-notch, then head over to the Thompson Beach House, where you can relax in a luxurious setup and work till your heart pleases. 

Thompson Beach House is a lush beachfront hotel where you are treated to plush seating and an enticing ocean breeze. 

Even if you’re not a hotel guest, you can still access the beachfront restaurant where you can go for the covered seating area or choose to work on the outdoor couches or chairs facing the beach.

Thompson Beach House Playa del Carmen

7. The Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen Resort

The Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen Resort is one of the newest luxury resorts in Playa del Carmen, offering a modern beachfront setting for working. 

Even if you’re not a hotel guest, you can still work at the daytime restaurant called La Cocina with outdoor beachfront seating. 

Another option is to simply work from the open-air coffee bar in the lobby with cool beach views and an ocean breeze.

When you arrive, be sure to alert security that you’re heading to the restaurant. You’ll then be treated to a pristine working environment and an elevated dining experience.

Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen Resort

8. Mahekal Beach Resort

Last but definitely not least, the Mahekal Beach Resort is also an excellent working spot in Playa del Carmen.

One of the most deluxe resorts in Playa del Carmen, and home to a dreamy and luxurious setting, Mahekal Beach Resort has two beautiful beachfront restaurants where you can work even if you’re not a hotel guest. 

You’ll simply have to leave your ID at the front desk, then you can choose to dine at Las Olas Restaurant or Fuego Restaurant, both with beachfront views and a wifi connection. 

Working at Mahekal is definitely a luxury resort experience so you’ll also be treated to excellent service and elevated dining options.

Beachfront Working Spots Playa del Carme
Beachfront Working Spots Playa del Carmen
Mahekal Beach Resort Playa del Carmen

Tips for working at the beach in Playa del Carmen

Follow these beachfront working tips to make your experience smoother and more productive:

  • Make sure your laptop is fully charged: Most beachfront working spots don’t have many power outlets or charging stations available, so if you’re planning to spend an entire day working, then make sure your laptop and all devices are completely charged. You can also take along a fully charged power bank if you do need to charge your device.

  • Ask for the wifi password straight away: Don’t forget to ask for the wifi password when you first get there or when placing your order.  If you do forget, it’s sometimes difficult to get your server’s attention, which can delay working. 

  • Wifi speeds are probably best for general internet browsing and not video calls: I’ve found that wifi speeds are decent on the beach but may not be strong enough to handle conference calls and video calls. If you don’t have your own personal wifi device and are relying on the restaurant’s wifi connection, you might have to lay off on the calls while you can.

  • Be respectful if it’s busy: Beachfront resorts, hotels, and clubs aren’t officially working spots, so if you’re visiting such a place to work for a long period of time, you may be taking away from the normal business. Make sure you’re being nice and respectful to the working staff and try not to stay too long if it’s very busy or other customers are waiting.

  • Leave an extra tip: Whenever I stay at a spot working for a long period of time, I always try to leave an extra tip for the staff.  Or you could also consider ordering more food and drinks to compensate for the extended amount of time you’ve been there. 

Conclusion: Best Beach Working Spots in Playa del Carmen

I hope this guide to the best places to work at the beach in Playa del Carmen was helpful if you’re a digital nomad, or if you’re on vacation and just need a place to plug in with your toes in the sand. 

I’ve personally found that working at the beach is such a relaxing environment and a total productivity boost. 

For more digital nomad working spots, check out my posts on the best coffee shops and coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen. 

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