The Best Coffee in Playa del Carmen

10 Best Coffee Shops in Playa del Carmen for Digital Nomads in 2022

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Part of working remotely in Playa del Carmen means I’m always on the hunt for the best places to work outside of home.  I’ve tried quite a few coffee shops in Playa del Carmen and these cafes are the best I’ve found.

All of them are digital nomad approved with reliable wifi, abundant electrical outlets, and a tasty menu.  

Read on to learn all the best coffee shops in Playa del Carmen that are perfect for several hours of remote working.  

Best Coffee in Playa del Carmen
Bendito Cafe Playa del Carmen

Best Coffee Shops in Playa del Carmen for Digital Nomads

If I’m not working at one of these beautiful beachfront working spots, you can find me in one of these cute cafes in Playa del Carmen:

1. Marley Coffee

Marley Coffee is a cute Bob Marley inspired coffee shop located at the Fives Downtown Hotel in Playa del Carmen.  It’s decked out with Bob Marley decor and complete with soft reggae background music. 

The coffee menu is very good and they offer a range of very tempting desserts and pastries. The oreo cheesecake in the pastry window is always calling my name!

While I love the overall vibe at Marley Coffee, the one thing I don’t like about it is that the majority of the tables are very low, more like coffee table style, which can be uncomfortable for your back if you’re going to be working on a laptop for several hours. 

Marley Cafe Playa del Carmen
Marley Coffee Playa del Carmen
Marley Cafe Playa del Carmen

2. Starbucks

Okay normally I wouldn’t want to recommend a large international coffee chain but to be completely honest, I really do enjoy working from Starbucks.  There are 5 downtown locations along 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen. 

My favorites to work from are the ones at Quinta Alegria shopping mall and the one on the corner of 5th Avenue and 28th Street.  

The menu is pretty much the same as in the US, but there are some items that you won’t find in Mexico, mainly the pastries and sandwiches. 

I’ve found the wifi speed is not always amazing but will suffice for your everyday internet browsing. 

What is amazing, however, is that air conditioning is always on FULL blast. You will definitely want to bring a sweater!


  • Starbucks at Paseo del Carmen Shopping Mall
  • Starbucks on 5th Avenue and 10th Street
  • Starbucks at Calle Corazon Shopping Mall
  • Starbucks at Quinta Alegria Shopping Mall
  • Starbucks on 5th Avenue and 28th Street
Starbucks Playa del Carmen
Starbucks on 5th Avenue and 10th Street
Starbucks Playa del Carmen
Starbucks at Calle Corazon
Starbucks Playa del Carmen
Starbucks at Quinta Alegria
Starbucks Playa del Carmen
Starbucks at 5th Avenue and 28th Street

3. Mercado 30

Mercado 30  is an open air restaurant complex located in the Colonia Hollywood neighborhood.  It’s a super chill place and you’ll definitely feel the Playa del Carmen laid back vibes. 

At Mercado 30, you can order food and drinks from the menus at any of the restaurants in the complex. It’s always busy and a super popular working spot for digital nomads.

Bajo Cafe

Bajo Cafe is a cute open air cafe located at Mercado 30 offering a mix of Mexican and international cuisine for breakfast and lunch.

They have a popular combo option on the menu where you can order a starter, main dish, and dessert for only $130 pesos.  Check out the full menu here

It’s important to note that there is NOT air conditioning at Bajo Cafe but they do have plenty of large fans to keep you cool.  The wifi is decent and you’ll be surrounded by a ton of other working nomads. 

Bajo Cafe Playa del Carmen
Bajo Cafe Playa del Carmen

Peace & Bowl

Just behind Bajo Cafe, you’ll find Peace & Bowl, which is a colorful smoothie and juice bar.  It’s my favorite spot for smoothies, açaí bowls, and healthy meals.  

All the ingredients are super fresh and colorful and the menu is packed with loads of healthy vegetarian and vegan options for breakfast or lunch. 

With its location in Mercado 30, it’s a great place to work and enjoy a healthy treat. 

Peace & Bowl Playa del Carmen

4. Ah Cacao

Ah Cacao is a popular cafe that is known for its chocolate and for having some of the best coffee Playa del Carmen has to offer.  There are 4 locations in downtown Playa del Carmen along 5th Avenue.  

I would definitely recommend the location on 5th Avenue and 38th Street as it is the most spacious and offers 2 levels of seating.

The wifi can be spotty sometimes but it’s usually just because it requires you to reconnect to the network after so many minutes. 

The menu at Ah Cacao is not amazing but has a decent offering of coffee, frappes, smoothies, and chocolate treats.  You can also pick up specialty coffee, cacao, and ice creams.  I usually just come for the coffee and end up going somewhere nearby for lunch.


  • Ah Cacao on 5th Avenue and 2nd Street
  • Ah Cacao on 5th Avenue and Constituyentes 
  • Ah Cacao on 5th Avenue and 30th Street
  • Ah Cacao on 5th Avenue and 38th Street
Ah Cacao Playa del Carmen

5. Basic Foodie

Basic Foodie is a bakery and cafe that just moved to a new location in the Colonia Hollywood neighborhood. The atmosphere is pretty cool as it’s located in the middle of an interior design store.  

The food menu offers a good variety of pastries, artisan breads, bagels, flatbreads, and sandwiches. The grilled cheese sandwich is delish!

Overall, it’s a cool indoor/outdoor working space and the new central location makes it a convenient place to work. 

Basic Foodie Playa del Carmen

6. Bistro Playa

Bistro Playa is a new Playa del Carmen cafe that just opened on 1st Avenue in between 26th and 28th Street.  You can find it right next to Rockas Jamaican Kitchen. 

They have a full food and beverage menu for breakfast and lunch so you can order something light like coffee, fresh juices, and pastries or something a little more hearty like chilaquiles.  They also have a couple of outdoor tables for working or dining. 

Bistro Playa Playa del Carmen

7. Choux Choux Cafe

So I hesitated putting Choux Choux Cafe on this list, but I think it’s important to mention.  I always hear a lot of digital nomads rave about Choux Choux but I’ve honestly never had a good experience working there. 

Each time I’ve given it a try, the service has been slow (almost non-existent) and the wifi was TERRIBLE.  

The food that I’ve tried there is pretty good and they have a unique menu with healthy items and kombuchas.  However, they do NOT have air conditioning so make sure you get a seat near a fan.

Bendito Cafe Playa del Carmen

8. Carlota Home Bakery

Okay disclaimer: Carlota Home Bakery is not really the best place to work but it’s such a cute coffee shop I wanted to add it to the list.

The reason it’s not a great place to work is that it’s super tiny with just a few tables and has no air conditioning.  I have never actually tried to work from there so I’m not sure what the wifi is like.  

BUT I can attest to the fact that the coffee and bakery treats are really tasty.  The mini donuts are just too cute to pass up! 

It’s a great spot for a leisurely cup of coffee or espresso and there are a few outdoor tables where you can enjoy your cafe. 

Carlota Home Bakery Playa del Carmen-2
Carlota Home Bakery Playa del Carmen-1

9. Le P’tit Shoux

Located towards the end of 5th Avenue at 56th Street, Le P’tit Shoux is one of the newest and cutest breakfast spots in Playa del Carmen and is operated by the same owners as Choux Choux. From my experience, the food, service, and wifi here is much better!

At Le P’tit Shoux, you’ll find an earthy open air cafe offering pastries and coffee, as well as full breakfast and lunch dishes.

There is no air conditioning at Le P’tit Shoux but there are electrical outlets near almost every table and the wifi is decent. With a cool earthy vibe, it’s one of my new favorite Playa del Carmen cafes for working.

Le P'tit Shoux
Le P'tit Shoux Playa del Carmen
Le P'tit Shoux Playa del Carmen

10. El Gran Cafe de la Avenida

Located on 5th Avenue and 54th Street, El Gran Cafe de la Avenida is a new open-air coffee bar and restaurant that has quickly become one of my new favorites!

The cafe’s design is elevated by mod furnishings, elegant columns, and gold touched accents.

The breakfast and lunch menu offers a range of Mexican and American dishes, pastries, coffee, and juices. You’ll even be treated to gold utensils 💁🏼‍♀️

As a working spot, it offers a more tranquil open-air setting, strong wifi, and plugs at many of the tables. Be sure to get there before they close at 2pm.

El Gran Cafe de la 5ta Avenida Playa del Carmen
El Gran Cafe de la 5ta Avenida Playa del Carmen

Conclusion: Best Coffee Shops in Playa del Carmen for Digital Nomads

I hope this guide was useful for those looking for a coffee shop for digital nomads in Playa del Carmen! 

What’s your work style? Do you prefer to work from the quiet of your apartment rental or enjoy being around other people?

I definitely like to change up the scenery and work from a cafe, beachfront restaurant, or coworking space every once in a while. 

When you’re done working or simply need to refuel, check out my guides to the best restaurants and the best tacos in Playa del Carmen. 

Playa del Carmen Digital Nomad

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