Isla Mujeres Punta Sur

How to Visit Isla Mujeres Punta Sur in 2023

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Are you visiting Isla Mujeres and want to check out Punta Sur? You’ve come to the right guide!

As the southernmost point on Isla Mujeres, Punta Sur is a must-see for travelers, offering picturesque seaside views, Mayan Ruins, and a one-of-a-kind sculpture park to explore.

I’m a travel blogger that lives in nearby Playa del Carmen and it’s honestly one of my favorite places that I’ve visited in all of Riviera Maya–the atmosphere is just magical!

Often overshadowed by the more popular Playa Norte, Punta Sur is a hidden gem and one place that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Isla Mujeres.

In this post, I’m sharing everything you need to know about visiting Isla Mujeres Punta Sur, including what it is, how to get there, visitor info, tips for visiting, and more.

Read to discover how to visit this magical place on Isla Mujeres!

What is Punta Sur Isla Mujeres?

Punta Sur is the southernmost tip of the island of Isla Mujeres. It’s essentially a cliffside park that is home to one-of-a-kind sculptures, Mayan ruins, a lighthouse, and breathtaking ocean views.

It is an island landmark and one of the best places to visit in Isla Mujeres, whether you’re visiting on an Isla Mujeres day trip or staying on island.

After paying a small entrance fee, you are free to explore the park’s attractions at leisure and take in the stunning views.

You’ll get to admire the unique Mayan sculptures, observe the ruins of the goddess Ixchel, and wander around the cliffside pathways.

And in pretty much every direction, you’ll get to enjoy picturesque seaside views with crashing waves and a stunning turquoise-blue horizon.

Plus, Punta Sur’s many iguanas and stunning backdrops make for some great photo ops!

Punta Sur is also famous for its “Cliff of the Dawn”, which marks the easternmost point of the entire country of Mexico. This means that this spot is the first place in Mexico that the sun touches everyday.

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres
Punta Sur Isla Mujeres

Where is Punta Sur on Isla Mujeres?

As its name suggests, Punta Sur is located at the southernmost tip of Isla Mujeres, and is just a short, 15 minute drive from downtown.

From other parts of the island, visitors can arrive easily to Punta Sur by taking a golf cart or grabbing a quick taxi ride.

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Map

Why visit Punta Sur?

Visiting Punta Sur is one of the best things to do in Isla Mujeres, where you can fully experience the natural beauty of the island.

From walking along the cliffside pathways, exploring Mayan ruins, and taking in the impressive sculpture park, you can enjoy a range of activities that showcase both the beauty and culture of the island.

Plus, you’ll get to learn more about the ancient Mayan culture artistically depicted in each of the unique statues and sculptures.

From gods and goddesses to legends and beliefs, each sculpture visually represents the many stories and traditions of the Mayan people.

And, Punta Sur is a great place to catch stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, and is one of the best places to enjoy both a breathtaking sunrise or a beautiful sunset.

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Sculptures
Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Park
Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Cliifs

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres History

This history of Isla Mujeres dates back to Mayan times over 1500 years ago.

The Mayan ruins found at the tip of Punta Sur is believed to have been a lookout or lighthouse to guide navigators at sea.

Other Mayan ruins found on the island are thought to be sites dedicated to Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of love and fertility.

Mayan women were believed to come to the island to make offerings to Ixchel for the wish of fertility and an easy birth.

When Spanish explorers first arrived to the island, they discovered several figures of Mayan goddesses, and is why Isla Mujeres is known as the Island of Women.

In 2001, artists from all over the world were commissioned to create the sculptures at Punta Sur, representing Mayan goddesses and important figures.

This incredibly beautiful spot on the island offers a fascinating glimpse into the past and the unique opportunity to learn more about Isla Mujeres’ ancient history.

Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Ocean Views
Punta Sur Iguana Statue

How to Get to Punta Sur on Isla Mujeres

To get to Punta Sur, you can either rent a golf cart, take a taxi, or ride a bike:

β›΄ If you are visiting Isla Mujeres on a day trip, check out my full Isla Mujeres day trip guide to learn how to get there from Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya.

Golf Cart

Golf carts are the most popular form of transportation on Isla Mujeres, and is the most convenient way to get around the island.

Getting to Punta Sur by golf cart is quick and easy and there is a large parking lot on-site just for golf carts. Parking is free but be sure to use the bike lock included in your rental.

Isla Mujeres golf cart rentals are widely available around the island, with prices starting at around $800 pesos (~$40 USD) for a 7-8 hour rental.

The last time I visited the island, we rented a golf cart from Hotel Belo Isla Mujeres and it cost around $100 USD for a 24-hour rental.

Golf Cart Rental Isla Mujeres


If you don’t feel comfortable driving a golf cart, taxis are also readily available on the island.

Isla Mujeres taxis are red in color and there are numerous taxi stands around the island.

Depending on where you’re coming from, it may cost around $150-$200 pesos to get to Punta Sur.

Isla Mujeres Taxi


If you have a bike, it is also possible to bike to Punta Sur from other parts of the island.

Some Isla Mujeres hotels offer complimentary bikes for guests or they can also be rented to get around the island.

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Visitor Info

Here’s the practical info for visiting Punta Sur:

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Opening Hours

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres is open daily from 6AM-7PM. It’s a popular spot for watching both the sunrise and sunset, so you can expect a bit more crowds during the early morning and late evening hours.

Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Park

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Prices

These are the current Isla Mujeres Punta Sur prices as of 2023:

  • Tourists: $100 MXN (~$6 USD)
  • Quintana Roo Residents: $50 MXN (~$3 USD)
  • Isla Mujeres Residents: Free

Note: Quintana Roo residents must show a valid ID such as your INE or residency card.

Punta Sur Sign

How Much Time to Spend at Punta Sur

Expect to spend around 2-3 hours exploring the grounds and taking in the stunning views. Once you enter, you’re free to roam and explore at leisure.

Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Ocean Views Bay of Cancun

Things to Do at Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Mexico

These are the top things to do at Punta Sur:

Punta Sur Sculpture Park

One of the most unique attractions at Punta Sur is the sculpture park that features contemporary art and sculptures.

These modern representations of Mayan civilization were created by artists from around the world and have been updated over the years.

You’ll see impressive statues of Ixchel, as well as other important Mayan goddesses and figures.

Each statue has a QR code next to it that you can scan to learn more about the background story.

Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Goddess Statue
Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Ixchel Statue
Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Statues

Punta Sur Mayan Ruins

At the southern point, you’ll also find the Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Ruins, which were believed to have been a lookout or lighthouse on the island.

The Mayan remains found on the island are believed to have been dedicated sites and temples to Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of love and fertility.

The ruins are blocked off for safety reasons, but visitors are still able to take a peek from behind the fence.

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Ruins
Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Ruins

Punta Sur Lighthouse

Punta Sur is also home to a small lighthouse located in the middle of the park.

Visitors are not able to climb the lighthouse, but it is still makes for a good photo backdrop.

There also used to be a Punta Sur restaurant next to the lighthouse but it is currently closed.

Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Lighthouse and Restaurant
Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Lighthouse

Punta Sur Cliffs

Another notable feature at Punta Sur park is the Punta Sur Cliffs, natural rock formations overlooking the ocean with many different viewpoints and pathways.

Visitors can wander around the pathways carved into the sides of the cliffs and take in panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, the bay of Isla Mujeres, and the bay of Cancun.

This is also where you’ll find the “Cliff of the Dawn” which is the easternmost point in Mexico, marking the first spot in the country that the sun touches each day.

Every morning, visitors gather in this spot to watch the sunrise.

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Cliifs
Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Cliff of the Dawn
Standing at Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Cliff of the Dawn

Tips for Visiting Punta Sur Isla Mujeres

Follow these tips to make the most of your Punta Sur experience:

  • Wear sunscreen: There is hardly any shade at Punta Sur, so make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen. Biodegradable sunscreen is recommended when traveling in Mexico.
  • Bring a water bottle: Since there will be a lot of sun at Punta Sur, be sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated during your visit. These collapsible water bottles are a great option when traveling as they are lightweight and collapse easily to fit in your bag of suitcase.
  • Bring cash for the entrance fee: Credit cards are not accepted so be sure to bring enough cash for the entrance fee. Both pesos and US dollars are accepted.
  • Try to make it for sunrise: Punta Sur is famous for being the first place in Mexico where the sun touches the country so try to get up early if you can and watch the sunrise! Sunrise hours change throughout the year so be sure to check weather apps for the exact time.
  • Be prepared for the wind: Punta Sur can also be quite windy, so be prepared for stronger gusts especially when standing close to the edges. You’ll also want to keep a firm hold on any hats, bags, or personal items.
  • Be cautious around the cliffs: The crashing waves can be quite big near the cliffs and are an Isla Mujeres safety risk, so be very cautious when walking through these areas. Keep an eye out for warning signs and always stay on the paths provided.
Seaside Views at Punta Sur on Isla Mujeres

Visiting Punta Sur Isla Mujeres: FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about visiting Punta Sur on Isla Mujeres:

How far is Punta Sur from Playa Norte?

Punta Sur is located about 25 minutes by taxi from Playa Norte Beach.

How far is Punta Sur from the ferry terminal?

Punta Sur is located about 22 minutes by taxi from the Ultramar ferry terminal.

How much does Punta Sur Isla Mujeres cost?

The Punta Sur Isla Mujeres entrance fee is $100 MXN for tourists and $50 MXN for Quintana Roo residents.

Is there golf cart parking at Isla Mujeres Punta Sur?

Yes, there is a large golf parking lot at Punta Sur where you can park your golf cart for free.

Can you watch the sunrise at Punta Sur?

Yes, Punta Sur is famous for being the first place in Mexico where the sun is seen each day and sunrise is a popular time for visitors.

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Walkway

Conclusion: Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Guide

I hope this guide helps you plan your visit to Punta Sur Isla Mujeres!

With impressive ocean views and a unique sculpture park, this less well-known spot has so much charm and really shouldn’t be missed when visiting Isla Mujeres.

As much as I love relaxing at a beach club on Playa Norte, Punta Sur is definitely my favorite spot on the island and is well worth a visit!

Be sure to come prepared with biodegradable sunscreen, water, cash for entrance fees, and a camera – you won’t want to miss out on this experience!

Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Views

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